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such a historical battle deserves many movie re-makes, and you cannot help but compare with Russian Stalingrad 1993 (ofcourse you should watch the re-mastered version) and Enemy at the Gates 2001 from Hollywood . the former begins with fresh German soldiers transfered via railway into Stalingrad, while the latter ushes rag-tag Russian soldiers over the Volga River to defend the burning city with their lives – literally .

* * * * * SPOILER WARNING * * * * *

what You don’t expect from this fresh 2013 Russian version is the beginning : with low-tone Japanese narration describing its destruction of North-Eastern shores of Tohoku from massive tsunami on March 2011 resulting from off-shore earth-quake, leading to eventual melt-down of Fukushima Nuclear Power Plant . You see a Post-Millennium (today) Russian rescue team being flown into the disaster site where buildings have collapsed, and a German family of five is trapped underneath . they verify the survivors via optic fiber inserted and begin talking in German . a trapped girl sobs that her father is dead .. and one of the Russian rescuers confide in her that he had five fathers ..

Yes it is tacky, but more is trying to envision a movie made in another culture into yours, with sub-titles and/or dubbing lending how it all unravels . happens less in Das Boot 1981 for things are more simple inside a submarine, but does happen in the previously Russian-made Stalingrad 1993 . and more on this new 2013 version for you want to proceed more quickly, now familiar with its actual story-line .

* * * * * DANGER ! DANGER ! WILL ROBINSON * * * * *

a big difference on this movie version : is that early Russian Spotters and Scouts are organized and sneak-in on the beginning of the past-story, like most-professional Ninjas . eventually the story is about a building changing sides depending on which side comes to it next . and in the end when German Tigers are finally re-enforced to solve the stale-mate : the Russian call-in their own barrage, to desipate from the Earth destroying the German attackers – circa November 1942 .



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