the first map app.popped-up a Week ago from a college student using open-source software for Android Smart-Phones and also available as websites, and now about 3~4 apps.available on Google Play Store . these show on your screen : geographical locations where those who have been Officially diagnosed as effected has been, as well as how they relocated to another place for-example stores and which subway they used, until where they are hospitalized now . Yes, they show past-movement of EACH patient . but it is too early to tag which is the better as capabilities change . ofcourse the most-important would be how well the map is updated currently, where some are easier to read than others graphically and some yonder onto the whole Globe instead on local Korea duh

search 코로나맵 on Korean Google Play Store :

  • 코로나맵 by Jun-Young Lee : Korea-wide, not-quite-updated and does NOT include patient’s residence
  • 우한 폐렴 위험지도 by simNco : World-wide, updated to-date and includes apartment complex of patient – *best at-a-glance
  • 신종 코로나 맵 by JB Worldwide : Korea-wide, updated and includes domicile PLUS numerical statistics, news and near-by hospitals although concise
  • 신종 코로나 바이러스 by ODOC : too simple thus not worth mentioning
  • 우한 폐렴 by HongKimSoft : Korea-wide, updated and includes domicile with news, statistics data origin – latest addition and *all-in-the-package
  • 신종 코로나 버이러스 by Novus3P : Korea-wide, updated and includes domicile but NOT originating-destination movement lines


– Korea Tech BLog circa February 7 Friday 2020

( Update ) there are many more Apps.now especially on Android platform over Weekend of 21st . new ones popping-up and existing updated such that it would not be worth mentioning even on a Weekly basis . although daily and even hourly check into major news sites and Cable-TV is necessary as South Korea straddles itself for a secondary infection nation-wide, still some maps are surprisingly f-a-s-t in refecting these Updates as soon as they occur .