in the adventurous sea-farring days, light-houses on the shores gave ships access to safe harbours . fast-forward a couple of centuries where post-modern past-time is surfing on the World-Wide-Web, a wireless router’s antenna is everyone’s light-house to the virtual world where the whole World is connected .

so you want the reach of Asus RT-N66U, but NOT due to insane price AND unsupported local Warranty ? well, the dominating network router seller  ipTime has just come up with a wireless signal extender July 2013, for W29,000 lowest at larger On-Line stores .

so is it worth buying for the rather cheap price ? Yes, as I will update onto our ‘Speed Test’ Page on top menu : it extends the range of roughly the power of other ipTime models with TWO antenna . currently the most powerful ipTime model in N8004R barely reaches over two domestic rooms (such as between the end-window of TWO bedrooms separated by a large living room, with ONE of its doors closed hey, we didn’t want drastics)

but note : if you put the Extender mid-point, in the living room in-between, you get only two bars-out-of-three on the Wi-Fi icon (on iPhone or laptop wireless control), however positioning closer to its receiving-end (like in-door of the receiving bedroom) you get the full three-out-of-three bars ;) it seem to be running smooth for now, although earlier users complained of random cut-offs -_-
P1060262lev550AlgPAT P1060265lev640MonPAT P1060267levhu-9_640MonPAT P1060269lev550AlgPAT P1060274lev550AlgPAT
here shown with ipTimes latest power-house A2004ns, clipped to another cheap ipTime’s own wall-mount .

- in the midst of Heat Wave 2013, Korea Tech BLog -