among almost a hundred models available in South Korea, still not opting for Novita dominating the market, but SamHong Tech specializing only in this field and concentrating on exports thus with more soft water splash . and among those, one with much bang-for-the-buck with stainless nozzle and detachable specifications which I needed :
130407 LotteiMall HamHong USpa Stainless Two Nozzle Bidet UB-5820a

130407 LotteiMall HamHong USpa Stainless Two Nozzle Bidet UB-5820c 130407 LotteiMall HamHong USpa Stainless Two Nozzle Bidet UB-5820d 130407 LotteiMall HamHong USpa Stainless Two Nozzle Bidet UB-5820e 130407 LotteiMall HamHong USpa Stainless Two Nozzle Bidet UB-5820f 130407 LotteiMall HamHong USpa Stainless Two Nozzle Bidet UB-5820g
SamHong Tech USpa UB-5280 introduced April 2012 W160,000
wash & dry – child position – moving & automatic wash – continuous hot water with selectable temperature & pressure – massage – warm seat -electricity saving – night light – human-aware sensor – slide-detachable – automatic nozzle clean – power consumption 1160W

one-piece toilet compatible : designed to be installed into American Kohler-type rounded-toilets (demonstration photo below)
130407 LotteiMall HamHong USpa Stainless Two Nozzle Bidet UB-5820h 130407 LotteiMall HamHong USpa Stainless Two Nozzle Bidet UB-5820i

calculated reason for picking this product : yonder to our information Page dedicated to ‘Bidet’ on top menu .

and while on the subject of haute cleansing, consider trying out local as well as well-known hot springs while you are on the Korean Peninsula //



( April 21st Sunday immediate Review ) as I consider SamHong bidets Japanese for they are geared towards export and Japanese bidets splash the softest,

Notable :

  • the plastic tube for the filter has to be sliced in two, to attach on either side, instead of coming with two tubes for each,
  • the blue light, which turns your bathroom into your own compartment in Star Trek Enterprise, either turns ON or Off, so may be energy inefficient ..


  •  human-sensor rids of turning OFF manually every time after use,


  • most of the center buttons (which control mostly the position and strength) re-set to center-medium after use – to adhere to house-holds with several family members – each requiring different settings, so you have to re-adjust every time you begin to use the bidet,
  • the soft-close lid, has too much buffer in it that you have to slide it almost half-way down for it to let it naturally close-down in full,


– Splash ! The Movie in Star-Trek Style, Korea Tech BLog –


( January 17 2014 User Review )

as I am an avid follower of Swedish Electrolux vacuum cleaners for their quietness, as local SamHongSa for their softer spray and (almost) ever-lasting operation without the need for repair . my first impressive bidet was their no-BS rugged SB-620 from June 2002, and second :  SB-435 manufactured May 2004 when I need a more compact one for a flat single-module toilet . the basic dependable operations are the same as my first ones but automation is what can be rounded-up as additions to later models, now almost a decade there-after :

the single-most noticeable enhancement over the years is how quickly the spray water heats-up inside AND retains it sprays-out . there is a three-level selection of water heat you want it to keep-up even NOT when in use, but you would rarely want it set to hottest as it will keep on draining electricity although minor as implied by manufacturers . so normally you would keep it at the lowest, short of turning it off and increase it when you sit on it, for it to increase heat from then-on . but even if you forget to do this on-set : you barely have to wait a minute after spiking it up later for it to sprew-out quite warm water . if you let it spray-out water continuously : the heat will get mild noticeably after a few minutes, soon after energizing again on itself to get more hot .. purely impressive .