even from the poor days when Koreas were developing : it was rare restaurants charged extra for second plate of hot-pickled kimchi cabbage or friends or co-workers to pay separately dutch . simply-put : there was always a sense not to be stingy even when you are living on humble budget . this has extended to lenient repair rules on conglomerate electronics products as with SamSung, LG or DaeWoo . further with local iSP’s internet service providers not setting a limit to how many computers or devices can use your band-width, as well as not setting a usage limit like many other developed countries . they were considering on setting these limits at the dawn of the internet age nearing the Millennium, but backed-off if fear of losing precious customers .

still however, knowing or unknowingly : you signed a clause with KT or SK BroadBand that will limit you to one (or two, depends) computer per account from around 2007, and it is just that the providers have not improvised it . but now-and-then they seek-out to test the waters : and you will get a pop-up on every other web-page stating you better sign-up for a multiple-iP account costing you about W5,000 additional per Month . ofcourse every house-hold would be subject to it, considering most have a wireless network router plus several smart-phones including iPhones and/or iPads . the pop-up will state you have about a Week before you should call them and sign-up additional . here, you have several options before vainly listening to them, including (in the order of simplicity):

  1. first you have to guess why your household got caught or targeted .. it differs upon iSP and region so do some search and/or ask around neighbors . it may be a simple matter of iSP hardening on business offices (as it has long been with genuine software inspection), and if this is the case : you can simply call them and ask to let you off the hook, as you are using it in a residence . if not :
  2. do call them, but insist you will end your contract due to this notice, to sign up with an alternate iSP . they will respond in either of two scenarios – which course they will take depends on many factors so you better be ready for the worse :
    • (a) they will mention other iSP’s have similar rules, thus recommend you to re-consider – otherwise will accept your termination .. after which setting up a date, you should seek out either the local cable company or LG U Plus (as they won’t have this limit, for now)
    • (b) or they will apologize you for the inconvenience and offer to waive this limit immediately and even offer you some kind of coupons to shop with their affiliated outlets .
  3. or if you know a bit about setting up your router : you can tweak to by-pass or counter your iSP monitoring your status, where the easiest is to stop using Microsoft internet Explorer that comes with Windows and use Google Chrome and/or FireFox instead . many older user simply cannot here -_-
  4. use MAC Cloning ability and/or cut-off your signal back to your iSP provider, so that they don’t know what you are up to – both settings available through your ipTime set-up menu .
[ MAC Cloning ability ] 141114 iPTime A3004NS change MAC address Korea Tech BLog

[ Restrict Your Router’s Access Back to Your iSP ] √ Yellow line 1 : switch to Advanced Setting, as shown and make a ‘name’ for this rule at Right,
√ Yellow line 2 : ‘direction to block’ should be out-wards, as shown
√ Pink line : when you get a pop-up (not here but while you were on the internet) notifying you that your usage will be restricted if you do not sign-up for multiple-iP plans to use several computers and/or devices : note the iP address on top of your browser, and copy those first three-0f-four blocks of numbers into the pink row below – then at the fourth and last block : add ‘1’ through ‘254’
√ what you have just set-up, will show on the Green line below :
141114 iPTime A3004NS block iP address Korea Tech BLog
diagram captures above are of firmware v.9.24 November 2014, so other menus before-or-after might be laid-out slightly different – and Please no more questions on English menu and/or firmware, as it has been explained many times over throughout this BLog //



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