Modern Korea’s original electronic district SaeWoonSangGa explained in detail on top menu (after which the whole moved onto YongSan) now houses musical instrument wholesale on lower floors and dying business above – Yes, it is Techno Korea’s version of once-Wild West’s Ghost Town .

then the bulk of musical instruments stores for general consumers have been and still are clustered around NakWonSangGa dead-center of the old downtown SEOUL, in between Subway Line 1 JongGak Station Exit 3 and JongRo-3Ga Station Exit 1, also right in front of Subway Line 5 JongRo-3Ga Station Exit 5 . as it is the narrow building at the Northern end of inSaDong traditional antique alley .

in the South-Eastern Port City of Busan or formerly Pusan : musical intruments district is one subway station North of the new fashion mecca SeoMyon – at Subway Line 1 BuJeon Station . then you have to yonder deeper for the wholesale area : subway Exit 1 enter the road heading to, and turn Left at the old BuJeon Train Station, then mid-way before the next large block to your Left is SeoMyon intergrated Market “SeoMyon JongHap ShiJang”. be fore-warned it is worn-out and quite dirty .

aside from that some musical instrument store could be found at electronics-dedicated buildings . but here the choice is smaller in SEOUL’s thus Korea’s first building of its kind at TechnoMart at city’s East-end, with larger counter-part at iPark Mall right next to YongSan Electronics Market . even stored amidst superb ambiance listening showrooms, where more await at the inter-connected (once bus) Terminal Market and Electronics Land “JeonJa Land”. ofcourse aside from this, SamSung and LG Electronics conglomerate has quite extensive audio and wide-screen showrooms throughout South Korea .
DSC03415_480x360-YongSan-iPark-Mall-Surround-Sound-System-ShowRoom-Korea-Tech-BLog DSC03421_480x270-YongSan-iPark-Mall-Violin-Chello-Store-Korea-Tech-BLog DSC03419_480x270-YongSan-iPark-Mall-Guitar-Store-Korea-Tech-BLog DSC03416_480x270-YongSan-iPark-Mall-Musical-instruments-Korea-Tech-BLog DSC03422_480x270-YongSan-iPark-Mall-Samick-Piano-Store-Korea-Tech-BLog DSC03423_480x270-YongSan-iPark-Mall-Electronic-KeyBoard-Store-Korea-Tech-BLog


although you would want to try the keyboards directly, again the price is cheapest On-Line and with various import routes : independent sellers carry – at least for the best price – than larger conglomerate malls . still, because it is part of electronics NOT every person would want like digital cameras, some brick-and-motor store sales will be slightly lower than the On-Line prices mentioned here .

here will introduce two Casio mini-keyboards within the length of TWO computer keyboards – intended for children’s lessons, and then two Yamaha almost a meter long for domestic fun at affordable price .

140406 Casio Electronic KeyBoard SA-47 32 Lesson 100 Tone 50 Rythm
above Casio SA-46  and SA-47 introduced 2010 W80,000
top color is black with former light green on bottom, while latter is grey under .
in 32 keys with 100 tones, 50 rhythms, 10 songs built-in

140406 Casio Electronic KeyBoard SA-76 44 Lesson 100 Tone 50 Rythm MetroNom
above Casio SA-76 (deep yellow) SA-77 (light grey) and SA-78 (red-pink) introduced 2011 W95,000
top color is black with above mentioned color on bottom .
in 44 keys with almost the same specification as above but slightly powerful speakers .

130406 Yamaha Portable KeyBoard PSR-E233 KyungGi AnYang
Yamaha PSR-E233 introduced 2011 W215,000
is one popular model as base for adult entertainment with higher models E333 and E433 raising the ante AND price considerably .

130406 Yamaha Portable KeyBoard NP-11 KyungGi PyeongTaek
Yamaha NP-11 introduced 2011 W280,000
is sleek, thus specifications narrowed more to piano basics .



so, are You ready to practice for fun ?