• Your BLog seem cluttered with menus and frames falling on top of each other !
    • out web designed is tuned for the latest version of Google Chrome, FireFox and Apple Safari browsers with the exception of Microsoft internet Explorer because it does take a while for a whole bunch of users to update to the latest version, thus all sites readily compatible . meaning : one or two versions behind the latest versions may work best . if you are using one of the oldest version : a simple upgrade one level-up should make all smooth sailing 😉
    • the whole site is migrating from fixed layout, towards responsive design themes from 2014 . meaning : cubicles will appear and fall below each other as you scroll down as on iPhones and iPads . if you do not want this : there should be an option at the bottom to view all in PC mode .
  • What is the difference between similar introduction Pages on this BLog ?
    • Notice – suggests what You should and NOT do on this BLog,
    • About – introduce about us and this BLog,
    • FAQ – Questions conjured by us, deducting what would be of most interest to our subscribers .
    • Q&A – actual Questions received from you either by comment, eMail or monitoring records – answered in the most simple form, with link to possibly detailed reference within this BLog .
  • Your LiNKS are dead !
    • This is Forward The Foundation, LiNKS are mostly provided for your reference at that time . while we try to update often accessed inner LiNKS here perhaps every-other year, outer LiNKS may change any time and we don’t thinks it’s worth the while nor concern as that whole topic may not be relevant in the future . still, we update our contents pretty frequently when-ever we see fit //



  • what I noticed immediately is how this BLog has beautiful lay-out, distinguishable from other techie blogs ! do you have an in-house graphics team ?
    Yesss, introducing our own KGB : Korea Tech BLog Graphic Battalion 😉
  • also the photographs are very crisp-clear, and some unique .
    do you mostly take your own pictures ?
    matter-of-fact Yes, since our PiLOT is also a part-time portrait photographer straight out of Hollywood Hills 😉 you can find the extensif link of portfolio sites if you search enough 😉
  • I noticed a sudden influx of feminine pictures in your Posts and Pages, as well as up-front on your main-page back-ground from 2014 New Years . what’s cookin’?
    this is our slant effort to adapt to curved displays, soon to come on your iPhone as well as living room television set 😉



answers coming-up /


  • how come all your i’s are in lower case, while L’s are capitalized ?
  • why do explanations in your maps always start at West and go down clock-wise ?
  • where is your Metropolitan Capital often mentioned here ?
  • and Satellite Cities ?
  • which time-frame does your Millennium indicate ?
  • you announced you would NOT be taking questions on Manual and Repair from 2014 .
    Why ? and will there be exceptions ?
  • do you answer all questions asked via Comments, at the bottom of each Pages and Posts ?



  • this BLog seems to be based in South Korea, how-ever hardly any mention of its own electronics conglomerate SamSung and its Galaxy line of smart-phones and tablets, aside from earlier AnyCall brand cell phones . not to mention its second conglomerate LG aside from its dependable laptops or notebooks and home electric appliances from the third : DaeWoo . instead : a steady ritual following Apple products around iPhones and iPads . any reason to this ?
  • again : much more mention of neighboring Japan and its electronics as well as otaku nerd culture (following electronics, animation figure statues and maid cafes), than Korea’s own and newer Ppae-in . Why ?
  • is this BLog a front for any intelligence gathering institution ?



  • what makes this BLog unique out of all the Techie BLogs out there ?
  • why are all your member avatars : girls wearing helmets ?
  • now this is a long-shot but : is there any way you can accompany me
    to assemble a PC (personal computer) at YongSan Electronics Market District ?
  • what are you getting out of all this ?
  • which part of a computer do you think is the most Sexy ?
    (OK, I made this up because I do wouf wouf)
  • which game are you playing now ?
  • how fast do you type ?


.. Oh ~ ain’t this a lovely sight ..
as every single chip simply glitter onto your eyes

“it is when you fall in Love with your main-board / mother-board
that you enter the realm of a true Hard-Core techie”

– original proverb by Korea Tech Blog, February 2009  –