Yes I /always/ have things on sale including digital cameras, lenses, older-model-but-new-or-like cell phones, all sorts of computer peripherals, Hong Kong Hot Toys action figures, Swiss Freitag recycled bags, vintage Hawaiian shirts and succulent plants .. which also means I am constantly buying .

the only reason this Page is empty is because things sell so fast on Korean On-Line ReSeller sites 😉
and ofcourse the whole point I repeatedly accentuate along this BLog, is to initially buy makers/models/versions that are popular at that time .


[ WHAT ] always an abundance of computer peripherals, especially cords and adaptors, with regular sales on cell phones and digital cameras .

[ CONDITION & PRICE ] most are like-new, with warranty remaining, and explained in detail when NOT . dust forming on fans will be cleaned but not absolutely . price will a tad under the local going-rate, as I always prefer to sell fast than linger-on for a few bucks more . I test every product before sale, unless unused for more than a year BUT if you have a problem : will refund ON the day of transaction only – and in case of shipped items : you have to ship-out on the day of receipt, as I cannot bear witness to what you would have done from then on //


[ TERMS ] I do have eBay accounts but not much active again because, so much can be done locally . and let this BLog be your witness of righteous mind, with direct exchange on pricey items, while next-day domestic delivery except islands .

[ WHERE ] currently living in YeokSam, KangNam with office and storage in iTaewon, YongSan, BOTH in central Capital of SEOUL . I regularly travel to the Port City of Busan as well as Pacific Rim countries of Tokyo, Osaka, Taiwan, Hong Kong, ShangHai, Beijing and Los Angeles (in order of geographical proximity).



[ DIRECT MEET-UP ] is always preferable for both parties on expensive devices, and currently best at iTaewon – more precisely :

  • Seoul Subway Line 6 iTaewon Station down at ticketing passage, or up at Exit 1 (would meet to sit down and verify items at Paris Baguette bakery right in front, or next door at KFC Kentucky Fried Chicken – ground floor window seats), preferably at 1pm or 7pm WeekDays
  • FOUR other possible locations depending on date, geographically from West and clock-wise :
    • YongSan KTX Station & iPark Shopping Complex 4th FLOOR (which is the main level for train ticketing): in front of KTX Membership Lounge at the North-East corner INSIDE the mammoth KTX ticketing hall,
    • DownTown Seoul MyeongDong : West Entrance below the arc, across from Lotte Department Store and Young Plaza,
    • Across the Han River South entering KangNam : Subway Line 3 ShinSa Station Exit 3 (likely inside Coffee Bean),
    • Central City Shopping Complex at BanPo Bus Terminal subway station (hub where Subway Lines 3, 7 and 9 meet): ground-floor at the inter-link passage between ShinSeGae Department Store and Central City Mall,


[ COURRIER ] for those who cannot meet BUT dwelling within SEOUL Metropolitan boundaries, I may send via motor-cycle “Quick Service”. prices are within W10,000 downtown and around W30,000 onto near-satellite cities, where you will receive within 3 hours with telephone contact with the rider/driver if needed .

[ SHIPPING THROUGHOUT SOUTH KOREA ] for less than W100,000 : Korea Post Registered Next-Day Delivery, and you can choose if you prefer to receive in the mornings or afternoons – although NOT binding depending on post office status . smaller box the size of a mouse-pad around W3000 and double that for orange-crate-size card-board box .


[ PACKING ] save the Earth ! so all will be safely packed with used, recycled material including box, foam, plastic vinyl and/or newspaper .

[ PAYMENT ] direct cash, bank transfer or PayPal with *personal payment option .



[ FREE ] I also have much to give away, but it really is a matter of working out how to relay .
will update as I figure things out and have time, so please don’t inquire on this – Thank You,