What You Always Wanted to know about the Capital thus South Korea’s Whole-Sale and Discount District for Home Appliance AND Computers

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  • How can I get here from inCheon and GimPo AirPorts and Western Seoul ?
  • if coming via KTX Bullet Train from Southern cities such as DaeJeon, GwangJu, DaeGu and Busan or Pusan ?
  • are there any hotels near-by if I want to spread my shopping a few days in Seoul ?




Which is the best means to get to YongSan Electronics Market ?

  • from DownTown Seoul ?
  • from YongSan US Base and iTaewon ?
  • from KangNam, South of the Han River ?


[ SCALE ] OK here is rough geographical land-mass estimate for those who want to have an idea, and calculates the most concentrated areas in the mentioned shopping district – as it would be endless to count stores located further in small alleys :

  • how large is YongSan Electronics Market ?
    about 500 meters West-to-East and 300 meters North-to-South, and comprise a shape of an iverted pyramid or trangle . only the first three lower floors are dedicated to general consumers aside from a few department-store-like buildings including JeonJa (Electronics) Land and iPark Mall .
  • compare this to Den Den Town in neighboring Osaka, Japan’s second city
    forming a long two to three lanes North-South, which is about 100m.West-East and 500m.North-South, but keep in mind this whole area is dying due to Yodobashi Camera’s first mammoth branch built afar North in Umeda //

Seoul YongSan Electronics Market Map by Korea Tech BLog with PSPCali700

  • is this an OPEN MARKET as the name implies ?
  • how does this compare to Akihabara in Tokyo, OR Den Den Town in Osaka in neighboring Japan ?
  • how does this compare to electronics super-stores in the States ?
  • so this is the best place to buy home appliance as well as computers, in ALL of South Korea ?
  • there are several buildings listing on your map in your YongSan Electronics Market Page, and I still cannot tell the difference .
  • not ALL stores have price labels . so anything goes like in the Silk Market in BeiJing ?
  • should I bargain price here ?
  • and I can go here for repairs as well ?
  • are there any restaurants or coffee shops in the area ?


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