a mucho developed nation South Korea is, but with distinct four Seasons with freezing Winter : domestic electricity gets quite expensive in Winter (residence nested above multi-purpose buildings with business operating, get a big break though). and electric blankets or rather mattress as many still sleep on floors, are big sellers here . but with more advertisements on how radio-electric waves emitted can cause cancer – with still has no scientific evidence but I can atest to this as my dear old cat who slept all-day and night on a small one intended for chair seats : got a lump which tested positive but Thank God got cured after cutting if off – electrically water-heated mattress began coming out .

only a year ago the latter cost over W200,000 ~ 300,000 but price came down to half beginning this year due to buyers’ larger concerns . even in this category there are types that circulate water electrically, which makes sound even low . then there are those which does without :

here the latest 2015 model from the most popular seller in this field, just introduced this September for around W145,000 at larger On-Line discount outlets (single-size cost the same as double or queen): with separate temperature controls for left and right side . even includes a dedicated cover with calm floral design .
141029 11st 2015 ilWol Water Heated TwoWay Electric Blanket 02 141027 Lotte ilWol 2014 Two way Warm Water Electric Mattress Queen 140x200cm 06Cali 141027 Lotte  ilWol 2014 Two way Warm Water Electric Mattress Queen 140x200cm 03Cali
introduced before : ilWol Mat has been making this kind of very product from 2006, and before introducing this water-heated models, have been manufacturing electric mattresses with various kinds natural rocks long-familiar to this old culture – many used on spa saunas and retreats .


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( One Week User Review ) I am not a mellow person in need of over-heating, but after a cozy night in an electric blanket with Chinese stones in Hangzhou : got one on return by Winter 2009 . then with electro-magnetic wave scare on cancer, thanks to perhaps another marketing ploy recurring on advertisements and home shopping channels on Cable TV : exchanged to a weaker one in 2012 which was the trend . but as more scare was on-air and witnessing our dear cat having cancer-positive mole after linger on not an all-out blanket but cushion for two Winters : got the water-heating model – and one without motor to pump – whose price had dropped to an affordable W100,000 mark . all manufacturers ilWol, the most popular and best-selling brand in its category year-after-year .

simply plugging-in an electric blanket was easy before, but now this one with water-hoses : you had to read its set-up instruction manual . first they caution several points, understandably as you can be electricuted if water leaks into the main heater :

  1. do not fold the mattress sharply as to dent the water tubes inside,
  2. halt if you puncture holes into the mattress,
  3. do not let a heater near the heater module,
  4. the heater model does leak weak electro-magnetic signals so keep it at least 30cm away from your body -_- duh

you expected it from seeing the product photo : but the heater module is indeed quite larger than the controls you are used to on an electric blanket . first connect the hoses into it, and pouring water into it was the art-part of this new ritual . ofcourse you have to hold the heater module higher than the mattress, and it takes about 1 liter of water . the manual says to pour water until it stops beeping, then additional half-cup but to leave a bit of room before over-flowing . after that it does not matter whether you keep the heater module above, at level or below the mattress . and as you would expect : the heat is considerably less than a all-out electric blanket but quite soothing . I did get a headache in the morning the first two days though ..




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