here will organize my earlier notes to sequence the most that have happened each year in consumer electronics field effecting South Korea . but would like to be centered around computer peripherals, as their speed sets the mile-stone block of history in the Post-Modern age, with eventual peripheral mix-and-match line the proceeding course of human technology in a relative manner .

who can forget the first program and data retrieved from your first floppy disk ? your first laptop and the excitement when sliding-in that extra memory ? of witnessing that nothing is behind that flat LCD monitor ? figuring in awe how wireless network can travel through space ? and now wondering which combination of personal computer, notebook, iPad and iPhone best suit your needs – of which a techno-gadgeteer can reach nowhere except a couple of each 😉

ofcourse this is a generation past the Wonder Years when you had your first automobile and radio, to be joyously followed by color-TV, walkman and game-boy .. and the story began running many times-fold fast-forward as computer operating system got graphical interface for the every-day person, whose material life got so much simpler with On-Line shopping . THEN inter-connected them through virtual communities and social networks . we truly are living in a merry wonder-land, if it weren’t for the natural reproductive instinct and greed of human beings to seek love, sex, money and power – that dawn catastrophe to the less fortunate/endowed .

only the most obvious will be accentuated, with hopely visions for the coming year . this is my memorandum of The Way We Were ~


laptop milestones :

  • 2008 minimal subnote NetBook
  • 2010 low-powered slim notebook Ultra-Thin
  • 2012 incredibly conceived UltraBook, thin but powerful and long-lasting !

2008 Summer : immense popularily started on cheap 10.1″ screen NetBooks with Asus EeePC 1000H then Dell inspiron Mini through 2009, to be gradually saturated with other makers .

Summer floods in Thailand hiked HDD hard disk drive prices almost 50% for the rest of 2011 and over, for Western Digital, SeaGate, Hitachi and Toshiba all manufacture there and amount to 40% of World distribution .


EARTH DATE 2012.11.18

this Summer was the 25th anniversary of YongSan Electronics Market . what began as a move from SaeWoonSangGa originally smack in the middle of old downtown Seoul, where people came from all around Korea to buy household electronic appliances, it is now virtually a center for computar peripherals, as household electronics vendors gave way to larger discount chains and internet shopping malls .

on the opposite side of YongSan KTX Station above which bustles the iPark Mall and CGV iMAX Theatres, to the South another old institution which have been here much longer as the only red light district, although much smaller in scale than its city-boundaries brothrens, had been completely demolished flat in Spring and by Summer a kind of rural tent restaurants filled-in until the city would move-on with its next development plan .

in contrast again, much of this year has been about iPhone and the iPad . and because this is South Korea, home of the Galaxy : wider aspects in smartphones and pads or rather what-ever tabs as in tablets .

with every hot word Apple then the ‘S’ word always culturally implanted at the end, we recall Microsoft had always mattered as they unleash Windows 8 and then Office 2013 .

with our colleagues un-techie fields, with business States-side we are much concerned with the devastation and its effects Hurricane Sandy did to the East Coast .