The Most informative Visual Guide to Buying Electronics at inCheon Airport
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partially updated 2015.4.12



  • Duty-Free Shops do NOT sell telecommunication products requiring cell phone carrier subscription, thus no iPhone nor iPad 3G or LTE versions but do sell iPod Touch and iPad Wi-Fi versions (Appended December 2015 : Shilla DFS now sell ALL variations of iPhone 6S on their On-Line mall, to be picked-up at major airports but tend to run out-of-stock fairly quickly still re-stocked regularly)
  • in South Korea : electronics are still cheaper at larger On-Line discount stores,
    (but On-Line purchase requires Citizen or Alien Registration Number, while payment can be local/foreign credit cards or bank transfer)
  • newest models like digital cameras – especially Sony and Panasonic – are introduced at Duty Free Shops (usually a Month) earlier than Official imports, OK the order goes like this :
    1. Japanese domestic models are out first, with noteable difference in that menus are usually limited to Japanese alone
    2. international models are release about a Month there-after – at times with a slight change in model number (very very confusing for the international jet-set) – and sold at Export corners of larger electronics discount outlets like Yodobashi Camera, Big Camera, Sakuraya and Sof Map
    3. Official Korean imports commence anytime a deal is struck between the importer and Japanese manufacturer, where sometimes a model is omitted all together -_-
  • but if you plan to stay in South Korea longer than a Season : better opt for Official imports to be safer on product support issues in case of repair,


( For Your Reference) November 2013 at Lotte Duty Free inside inCheon Airport
versus On-Line shopping malls which have the lowest price, which as below is sometimes cheaper than Duty-Free :

  • Sony HX30V compact camera display model $350 vs.local W400,000
  • Sony HX50V compact camera $500 vs.local W415,000
  • Nikon 7100 DSLR camera with 35mm F1.8 lens $1500 vs.local W1,250,000
  • iPad Mini 32GB $518 vs.Official On-Line Apple Store Korea W500,000
  • iPad Mini Cellular $700 vs.Official On-Line Apple Store Korea W770,000



  • there is NO Official Apple Store in all of the Korean Peninsula, except an On-Line Store,
    with a handful of Premium ReSellers and Shops spreading branches by the Season in metropolitan areas
    and the best counterpart in inCheon Airport are designated booths in 3 Duty Free Shop’s electronics areas as shown below,
  • the next-best alternative is my Airport Apple Stores Page
    linking ReSellers and Shops NEAR airports or relatively easy-access-to throughout South Korea,
  • best bargain in the World on early iPads are at Korean Duty-Free Shops :
    1. for they regularly give out W50,000 discount coupons, at their website or look them even at Airport Express Train seats !
    2. on top of that most Platinum Credit Cards get another W10,000 off,
    3. but note South Korea is among latter countries Apple commence distributing new models,
    4. after a Month to 3 Months after initial release, local On-Line shopping malls would have better price though -_-


[ LOCATION MAP ] updated December 2013 :
few points to remember as even inCheon Airport is much conjested after leaving its place from Gimpo, much closer to Seoul as the mostly domestic but semi-international Airport to serve the Capital :

  • know that among a total of 3 larger electronics sections in Duty Free Area when departing : 2 is in the Main Departure Lounge – on opposite directions – while another is further at the Concourse, accessible by underground tram – making this a LARGE triangle and no-way you can take a good look at ALL 3 with your usual 1~2 hours before the plane takes-off .
  • if you are serious about shopping within these areas, go-in early as inCheon Airport is among the largest in the whole wide World, taking much legwork to roam across the Main Departure Lounge, even before contemplating a short ride onto The Concourse,


with climbing-motion in mind, will list the plane embarkment gates on top,
so you will be entering this Duty-Free area from immigration clearance at the bottom :

1. Shilla (Department Store) Duty Free Shop (includes electronics section on Left)
at dead-center (next to information Desk) of the Concourse boarding area of inCheon international Airport
Tel.82-32-743-4988 open daily 7am ~ 9:30pm (head office Tel.82-2-2639-6000)
Official WebSite

The Concourse is a new additional boarding building
accessible by taking an underground shuttle tram from the initial Departure Lounge at bottom :

2. Lotte (Department Store) Duty Free Shop electronics section
inCheon Airport 3rd Floor Departure Lounge
Tel.82-32-743-7779 open daily 7am ~ 9:30pm (Head Office Tel.82-2-759-6600)
Official WebSite

electronics corner is at the green icon between Gate 11 & 12 (towards 12) on the Right Wing in the map below :
3. Duty Free Korea (is a company name) electronics section run by Korea Tourism Organization :
open 7am~9:30pm Tel.82-32-743-2000

[K5] icon between Gates 41 and 42 (towards 41), on center of above map

plus an additional electronics section selling only SamSung product around Gate 43
but somehow never shows on Official maps .. I wonder why ?



*all-in-one map of the Electronics triangle in the boarding area of inCheon Airport (updated 2015.4.12)
– color-marked in YELLOW so click on the photo once and then again, to enlarge into its original size –

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have iPad, will Travel
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