Remote On-Line storage and sharing cloud services in South Korea
there are a few popular widely-used remote storage services which easily back-up or store your crucial files, some even automatically . ofcourse they work much better with again popular smart-phone or iPhone apps in real-time on-the-fly . but if you are mostly situated in the Orient : American servers tend to take long and lag, where-as local Korean cloud services are incomparably faster due to its close-knit networks, plus are much more generous in the amount of space available for use . so these would be welcome options although for simple storage and manual access, than automatic back-up features available to American applications . offering quite an amount of On-Line space for FREE takes considerable investment, so the leading companies here are subsidiaries of local conglomerates .

at the time of this writing, the fore-runner of On-Line portal and communities Daum is closing-down its Cloud service after a successful five years .

  • June 1 2015 – limit new users
  • July 31 2015 – only back-ups on PC’s
  • December 31 2015 – close service



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