frequently asked questions about : searching for and buying electronics at inCheon international AirPort serving SEOUL


– this Page was made in view of all question repeatedly asked, about purchasing electronics at the GateWay into the Capital of South Korea –

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  • when are Duty Free Stores open hours ?
    from 7am until 9:30pm daily .
  • is Duty Free Stores much cheaper than local stores in-town ?
    should-be by-definition, still differs by country : where in South Korea On-Line Stores offer cut-throat cheapest prices, but all require a citizen or foreigners’ registration number to become a member to start with . but many locals still purchase here when price is roughly the same, for there are other factors in play : such as accumulated points or mileage on certain credit cards and membership, plus discount coupons readily available at major shopping districts like MyeongDong and transportation hubs like SEOUL Train Station .
  • how many electronics stores are there inside inCheon AirPort ?
    largely four operated by Lotte and Shillla (has two) conglomerates and Korea Tourism Organization but an additional one with ONLY SamSung Electronics product and another with shavers and cameras . aside from the first four : the rest are not Officially mentioned nor mapped perhaps due to contract reasons (as they procure tons of profits) and they change regularly thus not mentioned here neither .
  • do electronics sold within Duty Free zone have Global warranty ?
    in essence : all should, but You should check each product prior to actual purchase .


  • Do they sell iPhones at inCheon AirPort ?
    No, cell phones are usually sold with two-years subscription plans at telecommunications branches of KT, SKT and LGT plus recent discount carriers which piggy-back on top of the earlier three mentioned . other international airports such as Hong Kong sell unlocked smart-phones but non in South Korea does, again perhaps due to contract reasons . *Appended Christmas 2015 : ShinSeGae/Shilla now sell unlocked iPhone 6S – all capacities and colors – at their WebStore for pick-up at airport of your choice, but availability changes .
  • How about iPads ?
    Yes they have iPads and iPod Touchs (iPhone without phone capability) and prices are usually the same as Official On-Line Store .

    • Do they sell iPads earlier than South Korean release, for it usually comes several Months after North American sale dates ?
      No, although Duty-Free Area is supposed to be international waters : all stores inside Duty-Free zone follow Official sale dates followed by Apple Korea .
  • are there many electronics stores out-side Duty Free zone too, at inCheon AirPort ?
    None, aside from roaming rentals . but inside inCheon City (which is quite hard to get – mapped on this BLog) is geographically the closest – about an hours drive East from the Airport . but an hour on Express Train will take You to SEOUL KTX Train Station and two stops from there South is YongSan – SEOUL’s major electronics district informed extensively on thie BLog Woohaa !
  • how about : if I have several hours connection time between flights at inCheon AirPort – are there shopping malls near-by where I can purchase electronics ?
    Mentioned above and I might write about hotel options for staying over-night ..



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12.5.29 Electronics Stores in Duty Free section inside PassPort Control of Cheon AirPort ≫LiNK

–  End of June 2014, Korea Tech BLog and updated April 2015 –