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and this BLog does NOT inform WHERE to buy merchandise, due to several reasons .



please direct Operation Manual and Repair inquiries onto appropriate manufacturer or vendor
as here, we will answer only the most basic OR unique, at a time of our convenience (seldom immediately)
but most likely will be input into existing POST OR PAGE as an update, for this BLog already contains so much information on all areas of Korean consumer electronics .

[ Manuals ]

  • all Korean cell phones manufactured after the Millennium : have English menu options inside ‘Settings’ usually at the last menu block,
  • domestic versions of Japanese digital cameras and camcorders sold in Japan : might only have Japanese menu . however larger electronics discount outlets such as Yodobashi Camera, Big Camera, Sof Map and Sakuraya will have ‘Export Sections’ where they sell export versions with English menus as well as international warranty . and those Officially imported into South Korea : would have Korean as well as English menus .
  • Korean network and wireless routers do NOT have English menus unless for export (very unlikely, for popular local brands barely can distribute domestically). a good way around this is to get an English manual of one that is sold in the States and compare with your Korean manual, for most network terms are universal .

[ Repairs ]

we may let you comment in asking once : how or where to fix what, just in case other readers may have gone through your same ordeal,
BUT we won’t be able to aid you, for it best be inquired on the manufacturer’s support center, even if you have to enlist a Korean friend’s help on smaller companies -_-

( still, if you MUST ask ) there will /always/ be exceptions, and ripe if you make it easy for US and not You . meaning : you should have read ALL relative blog Posts here AND information Pages on top menu, then explain your exact model number AND situation in utmost detail, including what you did before AND after the problem .


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[ Start-Up Promotions ] beaucoup wish-ful endeavours are under way in various parts of the Globe following the revolution hoping to be the NEXT Apple, most with ingenious ideas energized by fresh aspirations and we whole-heartedly Wish You The Best, however :

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  3. language will seldom be a problem as we are multi-lingual with wide range of resources, and always yearning for trustful friends and dependable partners on far-away lands 😉


[ Business inquiries ] we participate with associate companies on various electronics sectors, so please use the business contact form on Top Menu :

  1. business inquiries on Exporter, Distributor, service provider or importer, may NOT be answered immediately, instead proceeding depending on your merchandise or service and whether our local contacts exist, or may be kept in record and informed when situation is apt. so please ask only once – Thank You,
  2. please state clearly the name of your company and your position or part in it, as well as the /exact/ type of product your company produce or serves .

[ eMail inquiries ] new contacts are always welcome with appropriate introduction, but  questions on existing BLog topics (Comment there instead, please) may not be answered, nor those for your specific circumstance or needs
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