Seven Technological Wonders of South Korea and Surrounding island and Continents


Geographical Monoliths of Post-Modern Millennium Korea
from West and going clock-wise :

  1. inCheon AirPort, artificially filled from three small islands
  2. YongSan Electronics Market District
  3. Wi-Fi HotSpots in old downtown Seoul,
  4. TechnoMart, the first electronics department store
  5. iMAX 4DX Movies at CJ CGV Theatre, integrating mammoth screen viewing among Universal Studio-like simulation ride seats
  6. COEX Exhibition Center Shopping Complex, the fore and most multi-purpose block consisting of international Airport City Terminal, two Deluxe Hotels and a Residence, mammoth Exhibition Hall, major Department Store and underground Shopping Mall with a super-bookstore with the second-largest English and Japanese section
  7. SamSung Electronics Product Support Centers, the earliest and non-contested customer service dotted throughout South Korea



incredible Products and Services that have Defined a Decade or more
in the order of timely events :

  1. 2-Hour motor-bike delivery Quick Service within metropolitan Seoul,
  2. Next-Day Courrier Services with incredible, live-tracking on-the-fly
  3. Millennium On-Line Stores called On-Line Shopping Malls, continuing the unheard-of refund and exchange policy legacy of Cable TV Shopping from the end of the Decade
  4. Point-Accumulating Membership Cards is why you see citizens paying even a cup of coffee on credit
  5. ipTime WireLess Router, a sudden monopoly connecting most home network with a myriad of models and product service only tried by large conglomerate groups
  6. mobile Bus Apps, dotting stops and times around most populated regions in South Korea (subway apps exist also, but bus more revolutionary in facilitating access to the immensely complex bus routes)
  7. KakaoTok, a sudden hype of Korea-wide messaging app over-rated for its simplicity, to bear continuing wanna-be’s



earlier land-mark achievements in neighboring Japan
in the order of geographical proximity :

  1. Odaiba artificial island
  2. Akihabara Electronics District in Tokyo
  3. Yodobashi Akiba, Tokyo
  4. Yodobashi Umeda, Osaka
  5. man-made Rokko island
  6. man-made Portopia island
  7. life-size Tetsujin 28 Robot metal monument in Kobe



establishments in main-land China
again from North-West and going clock-wise :

  1. high-rise apartments in Beijing
  2. Maglev Train serving ShangHai Airport
  3. Pudong development in ShangHai East
  4. Xiamen at Chinese-end, short of crossing over to Taiwan
  5. Hong Kong Exhibition and Convention Centre
  6. integrated massage parlour on-Line system serving Hong Kong
  7. Macao



– Korea Tech BLog 2012, in retrospect to the Birth of Korean Technology
through a fellow allumni –