what you always wanted to know about wireless routers AND usage in South Korea, but just couldn’t find the right answer in Korea Tech BLog because of already so~ much information abound !


* * * WireLess Router F. A. Q.* * *



[ iSP – your internet Service Provider ]
  • How do internet signal arrive into my office or home ?
  • Can a foreigner sign-up for internet service in South Korea ?
  • What kind of internet-connection services are available in South Korea ?
  • My local neighborhood Cable TV company also seem to be offering internet packages . Should I take it or, is it better to sign-up internet service separately ?


[ your internet Modem ]
  • The internet guy set up a black plastic box called modem beside my computer monitor . Should the Lights be ON, OFF or blinking ?
  • Suddenly I am NOT getting any internet connection . What to do ?
  • How do I re-Set this internet modem ?


[ Router, WireLess and Wi-Fi ]
  • What is a Router ?
  • What is a WireLess Router, then ?
  • OK, What is the difference between a Wi-Fi hotspot and a private Wi-Fi router ?


[ Router Compatibility in South Korea ]
  • Will a router purchased in the States, work in South Korea ?
  • Which router sold States-side is also available in South Korea ?
  • Which cheap router can I buy in South Korea, to apply hacked DD-WRT firmware for the most bang-for-the-buck ?


[ ipTime Routers ]
  • Why is ipTime routers so popular in South Korea ?
  • Where can I purchase ipTime routers abroad ?
  • Which ipTime router model should I Buy ?


[ WireLess Router Basics and Security ]
  • How do I connect a router ?
  • Can my next-door neighbor log-in to my wireless router, and piggy-back on my internet signal which I am paying for ?
  • Current routers seem to have the capability to block-out virus at the point of entrance into my office or home . is this enabled automatically, and should I use it ?
  • What is a FireWall ?


[ Operating a Router ]
  • What is the PassWord for my router ?
  • The whole Menu in the initial SetUp screen is in Korean . Can I change this to English or any other language ?
  • Should the lights on the router be ON or Blinking ?
  • all the lights are on or blinking, BUT I cannot connect to the internet .
  • I have unstable connection : OK for a while then not working at random .



answers, or rather suggestions coming up,

– Korea Tech BLog on New Years 2014 –