[ MAKING OF ] special session coming-up on the pure joy and agony in putting-up and inter-linking our tech blog consortium whew ~


[ LiVE CHAT ] look forward to chat LIVE with the founder, operators and contributors to our Korea BLog Consortium 0o0

some info.page planned or to be brought over from my other sites or communities :

  • Electronics Districts in the Port city of Busan or Pusan (up)
  • Electronics Districts in neighboring Japan
  • LapTops or NoteBooks – a Total Guide to buying AND using in Korea
  • WireLess Korea (initially posted as a Blog)
  • Apple Korea FAQ (up)
  • Precise Map of ALL Apple-Contracted Stores on the Korean Penninsula
    – might be the /greatest/ achievement any existing BLog has ever attempted –
  • Electronic Product Support Centers
  • Nerd, Geek, Otaku or PaeIn ?
  • Telephone, Cable-TV and Internet Access Providers in Korea (up)
  • Movie Theatres in South Korea (up as CGV and dispersed several movie guides)
  • KTX – the belated Korean Bullet Train Total Guide (up)
  • FAQ – What you ALWAYS wanted to know about Consumer Technology AND popular usage in South Korea but ..
  • UnWrapping the Korean Psyche to go faster, then more faster


OK, you want more .. but I am trying to limit these to technology-related, instead of lining up an all-out Korea guide (although there is much need for a no-B.S. practical version yet)

plus more maps and photos will be inserted in existent pages as well as blog posts, but clearer graphic guides will need more time .

just a reminder that I do have a few other BLogs on the .Net dealing subsjects concerning my works and pleasures (note BOTH are plural). and you will find info that are NOT directly linked with electronics or technology there .