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[ About the Logo ]
about half of the photographs within originally shot by P.D.F. (part-time department of photographers), and all enhancement editing by K.G.B. (Korea Tech BLog’s graphic battalion), to exist in this Virtual World through eLusiF PiLoTs, reverable Researchers and strictest Managers .


[ Site History and Terminology ]

Korea Tech Blog has gone up on Korean Cyber-Space in January 2009, reflecting real life with the latest Technology in South Korea . NOT a flash-list of latest gadgetry, but a selection of products and services (not necessarily Korean) hit popular with locals, along with a few personal favourites .
this site is beginner-friendly : technologically as well as regionally, easy enough for a computer novice in a strange land to understand . listing general introductions and comparisons after which you can search for official specifications on the more hard-core sites abound .

recorded dates before this, carried-over from the Creator’s pre-exiting sites . Blog ‘Posts’ will go up regularly, while copyrighted Information ‘Pages’ containing longer explanations expected to hold true for over a year, will be edited as updates AND photos are added . so please don’t rush to comment on the Info.Pages

– Hola ! Soy fluido en inglés, among other languages BUT some expression may sound out-of-sync, for it is tuned for Search Engines than humans 😉 for those who may think this is out-rageous : wake up to the tune of the prelude to the Age of ‘Terminators’.

– some contents overlap such as in Computers and LapTops, but expressed in different wordings for Search Engines NOT to deem either as an extact copy

– the term LapTop has not been used in South Korea since the turn of the Millennium and has been supplemented with NoteBook, while NetBook is gaining popularity where the actual hardware is light – nearing 1kg mark with no hard disk – to connect wireless to your mainframe computer OR on-Line storage for necessary files . for soon, no one would have to carry anything : as on ethereal on-the-cloud computing 0o0

– outer site address will be linked even if they don’t have English translations – which is usually the case, for Korea still has a long~ way to go in turning cosmopolitan -_- actually there is a Conspiracy Theory to this : in case of Japanese and Chinese Tourists .. it is the tour operators who do NOT want easy signs NOR guidelines shown through-out the land

– ‘Korea’ will mean South Korea unless noted otherwise for the North

– well-known company names or brands may be abbreviated as in LG for LG Electronics or LGT for LG Telecom

– pronunciation for Korean alphabets ‘ㄱ, ㄲ, ㅋ’ cannot be fully expressed with ‘g and k’, as are ‘ㅂ, ㅃ, ㅍ’ in ‘b and p’ so the confusion continues except for officially designated names such as ‘Busan’ for South Korea’s second city, which ambiguously changed from ‘Pusan’.

– irregular “tuning” of English grammar to facilitate (my) writing and (your) recognition, such as omission of a‘s & the‘s and capitalization

– more-over, although this BLog is kept by-date for you to easily search and keep sense of Time (Ah, the elusiF concept ..) its content is NOT written in chronological order of events we perceive to have happened (oops, had a cup of Japanese Hire-sake)
for some are written on what-ever-Pad then uploaded when “inspired” to (hum hum) BUT dated to the time of its original writing . meaning : a past Post might appear out of nowhere – just as if a 5th dimensional entity is thrust into the 4th dimension . more-over better to neglect logged ‘time’ for I may connect from varying time-zones around the Globe .

– think this BLog is NOT updated enough ? look again, for older postings AND longer-content ‘Pages’ on the upper menu are casually updated . this is to make relevant contents easier to find, than simply writing all in continuing dates . this is one informative BLog with heavy content, as opposed to those dairy-types that jot fluctuating daily emotions . but please understand related subjects are NOT all inter-linked, while ‘WordPress’ does a good basic job on the Right column or Bottom of each BLog Post .


2nd year of Korea Tech BLog in 2010 – ‘The Year We Make Contact’ – may eventually transform to include some of my other blogs OR transverse into a portal with friendly masters taking charge of their category .
click onto the ‘COMING SOON’ page where corner-stones are being laid in .



[ About the Machines and Services introduced here ] appended 2013

first off : majority of topics here are those already of great interest to the metro-citizen whether it has been already introduced or yet in anticipation . however Korea Tech BLog’s intended subscribers are the younger side or at least mentally, who use electronics as an every-day consumer . this is totally on a different dimension than the other extremes of (a) self-indulged ‘early-adopters’ who instinctively grab at the next coming flash of perceived Wonder, and (b) general elder population who aged akin to SamSung/LG electronic products and their much-accessible services . more-over, Korea Tech BLog is a /general/ consumer guide into electronics purchase, use AND re-sale in South Korea . thus, hardcore discussion on specific models at a certain time such as CPU or Graphic Card battles should be addressed to heavier “techie” blogs/forums, although an English one within South Korea has yet to come and this BLog has NO intention of becoming one .

as for sources of information here in estimate :

  • 1/3 are i.T. internal technicians’ tried reviews and personal outlook,
  • 1/3 are general consensus among consumer electronics-based “techie” groups both domestic AND Global,
  • 1/3 are mostly open domestic AND international news from varying BUT dependable media arranged and translated to E.E. extensive editor’s liking,


plus there are more than ample tech blogs and sites reviewing the same latest and/or popular devices available World-Wide, so this blog will instead inform local availability (What : Yes, but not Where due to several reasons) and price – the lowest on-Line discount for they are substantially cheaper than brick-and-motar stores .

short of being the divine entity, if you believe, one cannot help but be biased at some point . and so Korea Tech BLog is, towards some makers, distributors OR products at certain times – for it is WonderFul that times change as people do and the products they make AND advertise . but it is more from repetitive experience from using them than of pure personal taste . and much is compared with technological products available in metropolis World-Wide – be it Fry’s in Vegas OR WanChai Computer Centre in Hong Kong .


*Technology viewed as a form of Art,
  and its Electronics expressed in Fashionable Style ~

so this site has more to do with the Trend that we, as humans in metropolis, move in than pure Technology – and only happens to center around it because we are living in a time dominated by, or rather very mucho facilitated by it .

Korea Tech BLog foresees a time in the future when we will be more akin to the ‘flow’ of all things than the machines AND wired /OR/ wireless networks that form its enormous web .. more like a super-mobile memory in a device smaller a USB-dongle on-the-clouds with some form of ‘life’ infused into it .

post-Millennium here in Technopia Seoul, having the ‘edge’ of the latest product, especially those of mighty innovative OR time-saving tasks will eventually reveal trends – vital to any sort of consumer and market research – that will ‘move’ this mobile society .

you will be surprised at what is on the horizon ..

through-out this site, are mention of neighboring Japan, the Holy birth-place of Otaku culture of which we a part of, consisting of electronics, computers, games, scale figures and popular idols . its obsessive dream and unrelenting mastery of “monozukuri” (to make physical things) gave us Toyota SkyLine and Corolla as well as Sony Walkman and Game Boy . over the Millennium : they are giving way to Korean conglomerates and i.T. start-ups, but their magnificent spirit will live-on for ever on this BLog //



[ What This Site is NOT About ] appended on 2011

one vital fact to note : post-Modern technological scene in South Korea was borne out of hardware design imitations and copied software – both of which contradict 100% against Apple’s mind-set and its revered products now a Decade after the Millennium – which reveal why it cannot merge fully and smoothly into this still-much traditional society, even after the influx of iPhone 3GS and iPad .

No-no 101 :

  • NATIONALISM : although this BLog deals mostly Korean electronics and usage in, one cannot help but accompass any relative product or service in a truly Global age . thus, none the more extreme .
    Robby-Masudaya-Robot-02-8-26-4  $(KGrHqZHJFMFErK0i1pDBRMBKRU9S!~~60_35
  • BRAND-WORSHIP : aside from Matsudaya – master producer of the original tin robots, before the surge of Japanese electronics a decade after Tokyo Olympics, this is more about the trend of World-Wide electronics on the Korean Peninsula .. although it may /seem/ other-wise at times
  • HACKED FIRMWARE : although implementing firmwares on CD and DVD players were joyfully contending, the era has changed to much larger files saved on HDD . plus pure efficiency brought on by ipTime has rid the need to experiment on  wireless routers with DD-WRT.
  • SOFTWARE CRACKS are still taken as granted that there is no need to mention anywhere, for it simply updates in par with below :
  • ILLEGAL COPIES OF MUSIC, MOTION PICTURE AND GAME : dual side of humanity against society exist notoriously, even at the dawn of Korean technological might . for many, large file-sharing portals operate piggy-backing on the World’s fastest iSP internet service providers .
  • POINTS OF PURCHASE : Korea Tech BLog will NOT reveal WHERE to buy specific products, NOT to be misunderstood as an ad AND it is a sacred knowledge NOT given out for free //


[ Advisors and Contributing Editors ] v.2014 
in order of respective call-sign, based in SEOUL, Busan, LA and Barcelona :

  • AquaMARiNE : illustrator and Dreamer, who actually looks like a Volks Dollfie Dream @@
  • camper : entertainment agency technical department chief
  • Genome GirL : human sciences research student,
  • haptic nurse : teen model and electronics geek
  • Mighty Mouse : automobile engine mania 24/365
  • peacemaker : apparel and electronics whole-sale dealer
  • Puppy Luv : out-call electrician and automobile-tuning enthusiast,
  • Sonata Mark vii : automobile company support department manager,
  • STEEL : retired metal plant manager ; audio systems & camera collector
  • Tone Rock : Sound & Recording technician, and professor
  • vandyke : trendy on-line community founder and sportswear brand designer
  • Young Engine : Science & Technology Research institute professor

Yes our age-range span couple of generations – why we have such broad vantage view-point . also this is a multi-gender operation, and don’t be surprised to find uncharted creatures than common human beings, gulp so here’s one of our casual jam session ~ to the tune of The Beatles’ Saville Row RoofTop LIVE Concert on the date January 30th 1969 carved in stone . but ofcourse in the end we end up unbearably grouchy-cute duh


[ About the PiLoT ] a.k.a. Wi-Fi Junkie and MileAge Freak

contrary to popular belief I am NOT the repair-man at Johnny Computer store in the back-alley of Hamilton Hotel in the center of iTaewon (now closed since 2009 and TWO restaurants overtook in turn, but somehow THIS spot has bare customers .. a stark contrast to THE most popular hamburger joint in ALL of Korea, right next door).

  • (personal) I am a sincere lover of all things human, love pets and yearn for nature,
    especially the shores, thus always live near a ‘pet’ shop (boys)
  • (hobby) also an avid collector of Swiss-recycled Freitag bags and
    classic Hot Toys military action figures from Hong Kong .


as a casual traveler (as in Mileage-Freak) who /always/ mix work WITH pleasure,
the most serene moments in my Life in Reality that soothes my mind are (in order of ooziness) :

  1. attending to watch a genuine couture show in one of the posh hotels in gaie~ Paris
    – yes, at rear-seating .. but now-and-then get lucky Thanks to a genuine “American in Paris”,
  2. coating my car – oh what wonder soft liquids can do to shine hardy surface !
  3. washing my car – automated car-wash is ONE technical development that shouldn’t have come -_-
  4. doing the dishes (especially of a favourite meal I prepared .. yummy II).
    favourite dishes ? creamy Carbonara followed by a soothing Osso Buco ! both iTalian
    favourite restaurant : La Couple in Montparnasse Paris – sorry I am NOT on the level of Tour d’Argent -_-
  5. slowly ~ putting together a desktop computer from scratch (mmm ~ savour every moment)
    and just-as-fun is choosing although-limited laptop/notebook components at Dell on-line Store,
  6. dusting off a main-board or mother-board inside a computer case every Semester
    (you should do this too) – this IS what the term “refreshing new Season” is about . literally,
  7. /manually/ correcting ‘html’ tabs on a website (you should do this too)
    – proves to show automation not-yet, can be /exactly/ like a human being,


my Dream ? actually I have realized TWO, and it is amazing how your aspiring goal changes and for now : it is to own a cozy home large AND sleek enough for a robot vacuum cleaner, that don’t need to over-come bumps //

I have lived in several Metropolis  thus always interested to get to know those from more remote towns and villages such as the island Nation of ‘ReUnion’, for newer inspiration as well as for mutual knowledge .

when you contact me please be considerate to include your own introduction .
_e_m_a_i_l_ : _koreatech_at_xemaps_dot_com_

I have AND am doing my share of good deeds for nature, mankind and country,
thus am NOT interested in any kind of volunteer work – physical and literal .



  1. promote native-Korean electronics companies abroad including Las Vegas shows,
  2. provide technical support to Contemporary Art consultancy group around the Pacific Rim,
  3. set-up computer systems for foreign properties in Seoul and Busan or Pusan,
  4. seek veritable USED cell phone dealers around the Globe .



[ About You ]

South Korea is now an IT Power-House circa 2nd Millennium AD on Planet Earth . thus much interest from around the World on its electronic front :

  1. a bulk of our viewers originate States-side, either
    • seeking feasibility of Korean cell phones in the States, or
    • learning portable electronics compatibility before taking the English-Teaching-Rush to South Korea (I might write a book on this),
  2. a great amount of South-East Asians (many now in the States, Canada AND Australia) interested in Korean cell phones AND mp3/multimedia players from K-idols fan-base,
  3. from the Russian hype in the latest tech.products I foresee a new kind of invasion – in the form of wireless mobile machines – comin’ from the North . it is simply /amazing/ the younger comrades of geeks AND nerds are so advanced in seeking new technology, even while their uncles of the old school are implementing import tax of USD $300.- even to bring in a USED computer main-frame while moving into the Soviet Union .. but I adore AES+F 0o0


for those connecting from outer space : greetings, I’ll catch up with you soon to the tune of Sir Elton’s ‘Rocket Man’,
ofcourse here in SEOUL, this is sung by the dear piano player in the grand lounge of the Hyatt Hotel atop NamSan (South Mountain).

for those coming from another TIME :

  1. if you are from the PAST : p-l-e-a-s-e, bring back 8-Tracks 😉
  2. or else if you have come from the FUTURE to wipe out my ancestry for my eventual Theory of Universal Navigational Chart that will virtually wipe out Greed from the human mind AND procure the sense of Righteousness in machines .. thus making any sort of Revolution impossible (part of my R&R Theory): we already have an army awaiting to blow da Heaven out of your wings ~ WooHa !

– Korea Tech BLog, January 2009 –


[ September 2010 update ] gradually bringing over some topics from my /other/ blogs :

Korean popular stardom in “HanRyu” culture of singer groups and actors fame as unfortunately their ads are vital marketing venues for (than research and development of) local electronic pizzazz and also inter-twined as an accent neighboring Japanese Otaku culture where a bulk of popular electronics originated amounting to the Millennium .

( March 2015 Update ) time has come to a state to about a dozen BLogs/WebSites on various aspect of the Once : Land of the Mornin’Calm and travel – all Responsive to Smart-Phones except this . soon to have a board meeting to discuss to spread more or encompass all into three tight operations ..