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major computer peripherals are manufactured in neighboring Taiwan, and it is the importers who usually offer warranty periods, product support and repair which would most likely be exchanges . warranty period for larger computer parts is usually three years – going from the date of purchase proven by receipts, but many exclusion abound depending on manufacturer, importer and situation .

definition of larger, major computer parts here would include : main-frame cases, CPU, memory, graphic card, main-board or mother-board and power .

FREE Warranty period as of October 2014 in the order of the most popular manufacture, brand or my preference :

  • CPU :  intel and AMD both offer 3 years,
  • main-board or mother-board :
  • graphic card : usually three years
  • HDD hard disk drive : has been mostly 3 but recently reduced to 2, depending upon manufacturer, brand series and some even go by manufacturing date instead of purchase date !
    • Western Digital : go by manufacture date – Blue and Green series 2 years, Red 3 and Black 5 years FREE !
    • SeaGate (acquired SamSung): 2 years on lower models, and 3 on higher
    • Hitachi (bought by WD) : go by purchase date for three years
  • power : usually a variant of 5 years with some 3 years FREE and 2 more paid
    • Antec : 5 years on older models but becoming 3 FREE and 2 paid .
    • PowerRex, Zalman, FSP, Sky Digital and Top Power : 3 FREE and remaining 2 paid,
    • Micronix : 3 years FREE
    • Energy : 5 years FREE and 2 more paid !
  • case :


[ Buy it Safe ]

many things can go wrong in a computer and it is a wonderland hassle if you have no where to go when the time comes . so it is crucial you buy one from reputable dealers . I cannot emphasize more the following : when buying brand-name PC’s in Korea stick to either SamSung, TG Sambo or Dell . when setting up an IBM compatible buy basic parts from or have it set up at one of the popular stores in Seon-In Sanga Building 21 in YongSan Electronics Market . if you know what peripherals go where : best to order from a reputable on-line shopping mall (not necessarily a computer store) run by a conglomerate . if you are a self-acclaimed wiz-kid stroll around Najin 17/18, 19/20 and Seon-In 22 Buildings full-of wholesalers for parts in YongSan Electronics Market .


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