Korea Tech BLog presents :

Apple Premium ReSellers and Apple Shops
in inCheon AirPort, BuPyeong, inCheon City and GimPo Airport


since I have a lot of visitors searching to buy Apple products at airports,
here will introduce :

  • mainly at inCheon Airport and Duty-Free Shops within,
  • near airports at the Western Port City of inCheon,
  • Gimpo Airport formerly spelled Kimpo (serves domestic and selective routes to Japan and China only)
  • and later to add KimHae Airport serving the South-Eastern Port City of Busan or Pusan
  • most larger super-marts including ShinSeGae’s eMart and SamSung’s HomePlus sell selective/popular Apple products at their electronics corners but will not mention here except those few linked directly to airports
  • almost NONE of these stores sell iPhone NOR iPad 3G/LTE models for they are sold with subscription contracts at cell phone carriers SK or KT branches, which a whole set of different listing

all the contents hold true as of end of April 2012 and may change, as much is with Apple Korea’s name-juggling of “Premium ReSellers” and “Shops” in place of conventional “Stores”, and I will NOT differentiate between them for it is a game of mostly words with some selling /other/ brands than Apple – that’s it .

I state again : there is NO Official Apple Store as in the States, other than an On-Line Store with the same reputable product support and customer service . also, other On-Line stores are generally the cheapest and have the most variety of any product in South Korea, post-Millennium, than even Duty-Free Shops and those in Department Stores .


so for those with limited time from inCheon Airport : I suggest you

  1. look through the stores in the airport mentioned below,
  2. then take the train or out-of-city bus out to the nearest metropolis : inCheon where you can visit a couple of Department Stores in which several Apple-contracted stores await .
  3. the next-best alternative would be to take the Airport Express Train to KimPo Airport where again a couple of more stores can be found .

geographical proximity-wise : 2.above is closer but would take time on the bus, still the stores are much larger as it is a major shopping complex-and-bus terminal in South Korea’s 6th City,
where-as 3.is further but fast and convenient in a few stops via Express Train, still smaller and fewer stores since it is merely a local airport hub :
as you can tell from the map above : inCheon Airport far Left, is formed by filling 3 islands and the closest cities to the Right are in order inCheon, BuPyong, BuCheon and Kimpo, after which is the Capital of Seoul .

I will mention as far as BuPyong which has a shopping complex at its subway station, but will pass on its next neighbor BuCheon, for although it has a few Apple stores in a couple of department stores, it is NOT a metropolis and more considered rural and there is a chance of taxi’s going around un-necessarily .


sure you want everything in a single map, but still due to inconsistencies between Google, Daum and Naver – the most used maps in South Korea – not yet . however, my guide also go from West to clock-wise geographically .



[ inCheon Airport ] mind-you there is NO Official Apple Store in Korea except On-Line, so these are Apple Premium ReSellers or Authorized Shops :
(outside PassPort Control)

  • SK M&S on the ground Floor 1004

Duty-Free Shops (inside PassPort Control) ≫ map link

  • Lotte DFS at Main Terminal 3rd Floor Tel.032-743-7860
  • KNTO DFS at Main Terminal 3rd Floor Tel.2663-4594
  • Shilla DFS at Boarding Terminal 3rd Floor Tel.032-743-4969

*note buying an iPad in the Duty-Free area INSIDE passport control can be the most expensive way although at full Korean retail price . so if you can : yonder to those NEAR airports listed here, if you are traveling ..


*first AirPort Bus from inCheon AirPort usually 7am and last 11pm,
and first AirPort Express Train 5:30am and last 9:30pm

( so-called AirPort Limousine Buses do NOT serve airport-bordering inCheon City as they reach further into the Capital of Seoul as well as surrounding regions )

all BuPyeong and inCheon destinations below are better accessible by AirPort Bus if you have luggage, or else take the AirPort Express Train East until GyeYang, then switch to inCheon SubWay 1 down South to each location .


* * * Apple ReSellers at Western regions below are NOT updated, as some have closed
while others especially Lotte Hi-Mart added to lot more locations throughout the Peninsula
– linked at the bottom of this Page * * *

[ Department Stores in BuPyeong ]
BuPyeong Station is a convenient subway hub linking the Port City of inCheon with the Capital of Seoul, further East
via inCheon Subway Line 1 and Seoul Subway Line 1

*AirPort Bus 111 from inCheon AirPort Bus Stops 7A, 13A and 2B

Lotte Department Store BuPyeong Branch
70-127 BuPyong 1Dong, BuPyongKu, inCheon

  • Concierge at 6th Floor Tel.032-452-2060
  • PixDix at BF Floor Tel.032-452-2060


[ Department Stores in inCheon City ] which is quite far from the actual airport with the same name-_-

Lotte Department Store inCheon Branch
1455 GuWolDong, NamDongKu, inCheon

  • Concierge at BF Floor Tel.032-450-2880
  • PixDix at BF Floor Tel.032-450-2880

*AirPort Bus 303 from inCheon AirPort Bus Stops 13A, 2B and 9B
which let’s you off in front of  CGV Theatre at the top of map below
then walk 2 blocks North past New Core OulLet :
or inCheon Subway Line 1 Art Center Station (not shown on this map) which is one stop before inCheon Bus Terminal Station shown below :

inCheon Bus Terminal Complex is at inCheon Subway Station of the same name, consisting of

  1. its out-of-city bus terminal,
  2. ShinSeGae Department Store,
  3. CGV Movie Theatre,
  4. and eMart super-mart also run by ShinSeGae,

*also AirPort Bus 303 from inCheon AirPort Bus Stops 13A, 2B and 9B

ShinSeGae Department Store inCheon Branch
15 KwangGyoDong, NamGu, inCheon

  • AFarm at BF Floor Tel.032-430-1971

[ GimPo AirPort ] formerly spelled Kimpo
serves domestic routes and some into neighboring Japan and China
thus do NOT have any Apple stores within but the following are linked by passage-way from the airport in walking distance :

  • Willy’s at Lotte Mart M Floor inside Lotte Mall Tel.02-6116-1700~2
  • eMart GimPo AirPort Branch Tel.02-2166-1183




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– Korea Tech BLog, April 28th 2012 –