Korea’s Detroit, albeit automotive city (or rather town in relative scale) has only a single electronics market, whose name is carried over from mechanical days as “ULSan industrial Tools Market” near ULSan (out-of-city) Express Bus Terminal AND ULSan Farm and Fish WholeSale Market, aside from large-scale electronics branches such as SamSung, LG and Electronics Land (mapped below).

is crammed in a blue building whose 2nd and 3rd floor assembles computers . sorry, this is just about the /only/ place where you will have at least a few choices of which peripherals to buy in this relatively-rich city duh

this would be more for computer parts, while for home-appliance electronics such as TV, refrigerator, air conditioner and washing machine: can be had after looking around their show-room at Lotte Hi-Mart.

but have solace if you have only a few hours or days in liberty just landing-off a ship: this whole area is a shopping hub surrounded by (two) express-bus terminals, (two) department stores, movie theatre and super-mart !

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– 2014 when the Summer came early in June –