Better begin stating SK’s second T Pocket Fi (pronounced in Korea as Pie) M model number URoad-LFM300 made by ModaCom is different from the smaller original without the M model number SBR-200S, as it is made by a different manufacturer S Mobile .

  1. Original T Pocket-Fi Set-Up : URL address UserName user, PassWord 0000
  2. NEW T Pocket Fi M Set-Up : URL UserName user, and PassWord is the same as Wi-Fi password printed on backside of the device, after opening the battery compartment with your finger nails .

NOT much to configure on this pocket Wi-Fi device as those before, as most functions are set perhaps aside from the inner-messages to alert you of data amount usage . but you can set default 2.4GHz to 5GHz although it is meaningless as both KT and SK carriers put a 10Mbps cap on both down and uploads . and you can also change its password but let it be, as the default one is printed inside the battery cover .


information printed on the back :

  • SSiD : T Pocket-Fi xxxxxxx
  • KEY : T011xxxx
  • Manufacture Date : 15xxxx
  • iMEI : unique identification number


that said, you won’t normally need a manual for a router as figuring-it-out is half the fun, but you would want to know how the few buttons work AND what those 5 LED lights mean ..

Buttons :

  • ON : push lower small button for 3 seconds+
    all LED’s will light-up to boot in a few seconds more .
  • OFF : push same button for again 3 seconds+
    all LED’s will light-up then shut-off .
  • (Sleep-Mode activates by pushing top of the long button more than 3 seconds and stops by pushing another 3 sends but this function is negligible)
  • (Easy-Share function can be activated to let temporary access to a guest near-by, by pushing the bottom of the long button but again of not much use)
  • ReSet Button is inside after opening the hind lid, so push it for 10 seconds+ after which the device will revert to initial factory settings //


[ LED light meanings ]
  • incoming LTE signal :
    Green = strong, Yellow = mediocre, Red = weak
    Green blinks while accessing network,
    Yellow blink indicates login failure
    Red blinks when in inaccessible area
  • outgoing Wi-Fi signal :
    Blue = 5GHz Wi-Fi, Green = 2.4GHz Wi-Fi
    Green blinks while updating software .
  • Power/Battery :
    Green means charged, or 100~50% battery
    Yellow indicates 49~20% battery life left
    Red means charging, or 19~2% battery left
    Red blinks when only 1% battery left .
  • Easy Share –
  • ALERT !
    Green = USB Tethering
    Green blinks when signing-up for the first time
    Yellow = daily/Monthly allowance warning
    Yellow blinks past daily/Monthly allowance
    Red = LTE access blocked and may require reboot
    Red blinks when no USiM (SiM Card) or inaccessible
    Green & Yellow blinks on unchecked SMS message
    Yellow & Red blinks failing on first sign-up, may require reboot


Lastly a tiny USB gender in included in the box, to hang aside your device and this is because T Pocket Fi M can be also used as a back-up battery !

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