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( but got LOST in YongSan Electronics Market District )

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  • is Mac use pretty wide-spread in South Korea ?
  • should I upgrade my Windows XP or Vista to 7 ?
  • I found a small dot on my new monitor . what is it and should I take it back ?
  • the laptop I bought in South Korea has Korean Windows installed . how can I change this into English ?
    – or can I keep using my English version of Windows when I start working AND living in South Korea ?
  • should I bring my laptop back when leaving South Korea ?



  • why are Koreans obsessed with sheer speed in everyday Life – from taxis to the latest broadband connection ?
  • would there be any particular reason why every office big-and-small is extensively networked, wireless access points abound on the streets, as well as home and the virtual community so~ active in South Korea ?
  • is there a specific reason why South Korea now boasts THE fastest domestic internet connection in the whole wide World ?
  • you have so much information on internet connection within South Korea as well as out-bound roaming, but how about in-bound ? such as bringing a foreign-serviced cell phone INTO the Peninsula ?
  • would my DD-WRT router from the States work seamlessly in South Korea ?
  • seems every Korean is using a variation of ipTime router . but they have so ~ many models I am NOT sure which one would be right for me .




  • actually I came to this BLog to ask one thing : genuine dedicated batteries for Japanese digital cameras cost many times-fold than independent ones mostly manufactured in China . what really is the difference aside from price ?
  • is it better to buy a digital camera when I arrive in South Korea or get it abroad before ?
  • would you recommend buying a digital camera in neighboring Japan where most are manufactured,
    – notably in the ‘Export’ section of larger sellers in the Electronics District ?
  • electronics district in Tokyo AND Osaka is known world-wide but how does its Korean counter-part compare to this ?
    – I mean, is it as large AND can I get /anything/ there ?
    – and how do stores compare with the likes of um .. BestBuy, Fry’s AND CompUSA ?



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