OK when the communists almost ran over the whole of the Korean Penninsula half a century ago : this was spelled Pusan for simpler terms in survival . then as the nation prospered and streamed-out Globally after the Seoul Olympics of 1988, citizens became aware of subtle difference in pronounciation thus now “Busan” THE major port city at the South-Eastern tip of the Korean Penninsula – once flourishing with goods shipped just over from another Port City of Fukuoka, as the Southern-most Japanese “big” islands when the latest digital cameras were a big thing available at “Camera Row” in NanPoDong – still exists but more support centers now – just East of “Can” market where literally canned foods were smuggled out from U.S. Bases . but as large ships are automated with fewer sailors and Busan’s major factories relocating elsewhere, the once flourishing city is almost at its doldrums .

the same with computer districts, as on-Line internet shopping malls deliver over-night at cut-throat prices, not to mention with much more varieties . I know, for I have had the wonderful pleasure to dwell on Busan beach-living a good part of a decade past the Millennium ..


there are 3 computer-dedicated buildings among the whole of Busan currently, but it is a common ploy of newer local shopping complex to advertise their own building as a computer or electronic market or district, when actually only a portion of a floor is rented-out to computer or electronics-related seller, duh – good examples are supposed-computer-market in HaeUnDae New Town, West of downtown, or SaSang Computer Market further West just before crossing the river to KimHae international Airport serving Busan //

  1. Gaya was the first to offer local assembly and buisness was good over the Millennium when on-Line shopping malls took over .
  2. HanChang just North was good too in the middle of Busan’s adult entertainment district, but now have long given way to
  3. the late new-comer further North at Busan Computer Market .careful now : for these districts are named in Korean as “Sanga” which are store-fronts inside buildings, where-as open markets selling groceries are “ShiJang” but pointed-to as markets or districts . the ones in Busan are actually a couple of small buildings, or lower few floors of a large building .

GaYa Computer WholeSale Market (has re-located on May 2017, so see below as I keep this older records for nostalgia – a whole new high-rise apartment complex is built on this prime land)”GaYa Computer SangGa” http://gayatown.co.kr

this is in between 2 subway stations so take your pick :

  • (a) Busan Subway Line 2 DongEuiDae Station (3 stations West of bustling hub of SeoMyon) Exit 8 and on the third block to your Right, or
  • (b) one station further at GaeGeum Station Exit 2 and is on the 3rd block to your Left unmistakeable for it is right across the large street from HomePlus SuperMart .

the whole consist of two two-story buildings (one behind the other) said to contain 80-ish number of stores and this was Busan formerly Pusan’s first computer-dedicated building still doing more assembly than any other district or rather buildings I mention here .

[ NEW LOCATION ] is three subway stations West from the old original location at Busan Subway Line 2 JuRae Station Exit 7 at the end of the next block . taxi drivers may know as the old Seoul Yoo Hospital – refurbished into an electronics shopping grounds .


Busan Computer WholeSale Market “Busan Computer SangGa” http://www.boocom.co.kr Busan Subway 1 MyungRyoonDong Station Exit 3 and cross the large road West via over-path and is the tall building to your Right behind OutBack SteakHouse, main entrance in the rear alley though . it is in ShinHwa Tower Apartment building taking up the lower 3 floors with supposedly 120 or so booths of sellers . the stores within take many forms but if I were to round it up :

  1. the ground floor is mostly accessories including recording media,
  2. and the second floor with major computer parts such as mainframe cases,
  3. while the third floor takes up the rest like network cards,

one merit of this place is they have product support centers (which is again a small booth) of larger manufacturers such as Asus .

you are in Busan’s Northern-most tourist spot so might wanna hang around while you are here :

  • across the large road South you will see Korea’s shopping mecca of Lotte Department Store DongRae (which is the larger  neighborhood North of this MyungRoonDong here) Branch,
  • and the whole area North of this computer building is Busan’s Northern hot springs district rightfully translated as “OnCheonJang” (hot springs inn) simply follow the narrow alley where the computer building’s main entrance is and Northward you will pass many inns among which NongShim Hotel aproximately 3 large blocks North is the most well-known with their own large hot springs dome,

HanChang Computer Market “HanChang Computer SangGa”

this is 4 Subway Stations North of fashionable SeoMyon right after Busan City Hall, on the way North to another-bustling area of Busan University . here there is a reason why I show a map instead of a photo of the building itself – as it is quite hard to find for a traveler, deep inside alleys North-East of a large intersection though : Busan Subway Line 1 YeonSan Station Exit 10 walk up-hill and turn at the 2nd Left alley and is on your Left after Busan Broadcasting Station . you would need help from passers-by on this one for it is in a small alley but Busan Broadcasting Station “Busan BangSong” should be your guide .

using the lower 3 floors of DongSeo or SsangYong Apartment building however there is no more major players left in this building but computer-related small companies will rent office here as long as they offer cheaper rent .


all-in-all you will be dissappointed when you step-into any of these previously computer districts, or rather buildings as internet Shopping Malls killed brick-and-motar store-fronts, resulting in empty booths and even whole floors . regional electronics districts are hit harder than the Capital of SEOUL, as the latter still operates as a ship-out point for the now-extensive On-Line Stores . so if you are NEW to the region I strongly recommend either LG Electronics ShowRoom or Lotte HiMart  (both operated by huge Korean Conglomerates thus sustaining Off-Line store-fronts) branches in your area as they also double as support centres if you need software assistance or even repair .

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– Korea Tech BLog, October 2008 monitoring the whole of Korean Penninsula and its store-fronts last update in the midst of Wuhan Corona Pandemic : March 12 2020