the mighty popular ASRock Z77 Extreme4 main-board or mother-board about to be assembled

Choosing, Purchase and Repair of Main-Board or Mother-Boards in South Korea


as the central core of a computer system integrating all others, the main-board or mother-board is the most important part to consider on assembly . thus the first criteria in choosing one become stability . then in the urge to squeeze more power for its original price, over-clocking ability become a decisive factor – in its facility and again stability as you are trying to overhaul a burden NOT indented for the original set-up .

Asus has long been the most stable of all main-boards or mother-boards . Abit has been the one for over-clocking after easing its reign to Asus over the Millennium . now a decade there-after, ASRock has won popularity as a slight bargain in price with almost the stability of Asus .


in case of main-boards a couple of importers monopolize into South Korea, and although the warranty years are common, the size of the importer as well as how they are situated in outer regions differ, so much so that sellers clearly state them in front of the manufacturer AND brand name . you should only choose another IF they are selling at considerable discount . which also means you should NOT purchase abroad, for such a central component with many things that can go wrong, should have local warranty . also, there is such a thing as the utmost popular main-board model at a certain time – buy it and you won’t have to worry when re-selling .

as with Asus, two major importers compete in ASRock, both of whose support centers are in YongSan Electronics Market, North on either side West and East of the main road .

ASWin is the fore-most and larger importer of ASRock main-boards
130423 ASWin map
DNDCom is another importer of ASRock main-boards
130423 DNDCom map