This is ofcourse just about the ONLY English site regularly introducing such wonder-devices but still ALL local sites and blogs linger on about the specs and how fast and for ever, so here a series of clear-cut facts simply arranged :

  1. T Pocket Fi (pronounced Pie in Korean) M is the name of the wireless service transforming cellular LTE signals into Wi-Fi, offered by SK Telecom, the now-second cellular carrier in South Korea,
  2. This is NOT subscribeable On-Line and any Official branch of theirs will sign-you up either with the device, or you can bring your own device probably bought used .
  3. while the hardware model number is URoad-LFM300 manufactured by ModaCom, who has long been making these portable wireless routers .
  4. The latter cares for hardware support and repair, located on the Southern outskirts of the Capital of SEOUL near YangJae Forest – mapped on their website . and like ipTime, I urge you to take the trip if you are having queer problems instead of calling or sending it in //
  5. The earlier Eggs introduced in this BLog as they upgraded models, were offered by KT and have come a long way from its first Original Egg in 2009, to vary in size thus useable time and made by five different manufacturers .
  6. The first Pocket Fi (misleading because this was how it was imprinted on the first model, but pronounced Pie resembling a piece of pie) was introduced by competitor SK Telecom just last Summer, model SBR-2ooS made by S Mobile . and this is their second model, a larger thus with longer-battery but made by a different manufacturer .
  7. You have obsessive blogs reporting its difference with constant speed test and battery life, but as an ultra-mobile person on the go often mixing business with pleasure : I can say those are much relative, so safer riding the the latest product which is now SK’s T Pocket Fi “Pie” M .
  8. The real speed are all around the same as both KT AND SK keep a block on it, where the only real difference is battery life among the many KT Eggs, and here while on SK’s original T Pocek Fi is supposed to last five hours, the latest M should double it to ten hours – Update : but on constant usage, I would deem its battery life to be actually more, like 15 to 20 hours !


So, like ipTime before it, I would concentrate on introducing its manual, as it too is much faible, on a separate Post Hee~ Haw~

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