Official manufacturer model is infoMark IML-F400S
while South Korean telecommunications carrier and sole vendor puts their own catch-phrase name on top of it as T Pocket-Fi Z

  • Manufacturer ≫LINK
  • telecommunications carrier store ≫LINK

is the second-generation portable Wi-Bro-to-Wi-Fi device with most capabilities (2.4 and GHz dual band, LTE and BlueTooth) crammed into a much light and small product .

dimension 105 × 57 × 9 mm., weighing 76g.
charges electricity on 2,300mAh battery with Android micro 5-pin cable
supposedly usable 12 hours continuously


  • manufacturer retail is W110,000 but will bog-down to W40,000 if you sign-up for SKT’s 2-year subscription
  • plus 10GB data plan is W16,500 and 20GB W24,750 per Month


  1. facing-front, there are two small buttons on the left side, where the longer top button is Power :
    – press long to turn Power ON and OFF,
    – pressing each time will toggle between : basic info including SSiD, Wi-Fi password, usage amount, battery left
  2. and lower is BlueTooth – press two seconds to enable


[ SET-UP ]
  1. default web address
  2. default set-up ID : user and password same as for Wi-Fi access


– Commemorating Korea Tech BLog’s second Pocket-Fi –