although I have yet to go on a /real/ vacation to a tropical paradise, when I will have earned a super-wide zoom hybrid digital camera for the extravagant nature
I need a compact-but-powerful one for exhibitions around the Pacific Rim .

one side-reason for a slightly larger-than-ultra compact is that one too small is hard to handle and prone to drop (Yes, I have -_-)


and one of the joys in choosing a Japanese camera Post-Millennium aside from the specs, is among its wider color options than decade past . ofcourse, Official Korean imports often let you have the most basic of colors, but now-and-then will slide-in a few more .

here I try to choose brighter colors for one can loose black devices when traveling in the dark, such as in a taxi . here HX30V came in a unique brown for a digital camera series . prior to this I had much enjoy with productive use, a blue HX7V of the same line .


[ SIZE ]
although slightly larger and thicker than my previous HX7V, is quite large for a compact, more-over because HX7V was the larger limit to begin with . so much so that it barely fits into small compartments for compact cameras in laptop or traveling bags . you best buy a dedicated case for it really is at the boundary for a compact and larger SLR in choosing independent camera case brands . but in the end, I recommend carrying this in your hand for it is bulky to regularly take it out and put it back in a case .


the accent point of this digital camera is its longer-than-necessary-for-most-circumstance focal range . and rightfully so, for you really need a tripod when zooming-out to its limit, even with Sony’s acclaimed motion-stabilizer (of which this model has a NORMAL, and HARSH option for fast-moving subjects)

above photos are only reduced-in-size for the Web, instead of contrast adjustment which it inevitably needs //



– Korea Tech BLog, End of May 2012 –