Sony’s latest high-end compact camera HX30V . due to its super-long range zoom, it is NOT compact at all . so will eventually end up recommending you carry this in-hand without a case, well you just have be sucked into technological goodies’ marketing ploy ..

usually when you buy a digital camera, a common luring tactic is to include a “dedicated case” which is usually a Chinese OEM from the Korean importer, so naturally don’t show up its Japanese or German original line-up . but this time around Sony Korea includes a real dedicated camera case, perhaps due to the camera’s expensive price on-set .

comes in two colors in Japan : LCJ-HK in white and here LCJ-HT in dark brown


nostalgic design reminiscent of earlier SLR single-lens reflex cameras, this camera case turns your supposedly compact HX30V into a full-fledged interchangeable 35mm camera, at least from the by-passer’s point-of-view . especially since it only has a single intruding ring for a camera strap, and this case offers a set of extruding rings on either side .

one minus, is that the tripod screw at the bottom is NOT detacheable, so you have to unwind it every time you want to take out the memory card or exchange batteries .


and because so, I search around at the Official Sony ShowRoom on top of Sogo Department Store built on top of CauseWay Bay MTR Subway Station in Hong Kong island and this fit the best among general Sony cases . LCM-CSVH comes in black with grey racing stripes afront :
an always-welcome egg-shell design to wrap your camera around snugly, even if in case it drops . the side dimension fit perfectly, but the thickness was a bit tight although still zippable . it was because there is a small pocket inside the opening front for a memory card, and fit alright when you its flap to cover the cameras buldging handle where the strap hook is located .



always in search of the ultimate camera case, all over the World
– Korea Tech BLog, May 2012 –