as the whole of Korea is stuck in record freezing weather, where even flights in the Southern island of Jeju are canceled : I look back into older Japanese television series, some of which I only kept without watching at the time – due to slow-pace, presuming their boredness . here are some originating from best-seller fiction books, one-time television specials and ensuing series, that contain the now-classic single-reflex cameras as under-lying theme . as it has to do with the slowly-dying breed of photography equipment and its owners and collectors, most are quiet, slow programs which almost have no beginning and end in almost the same doldrums .

  • Train Station Road – an aging detective, one-year to retirement, whose hobby is taking pictures of trains : come to investigate disappearance of a retired banker .
    – best-seller fiction book by popular suspense write SeiCho Matsumoto, published 1960
    – televised four times among which was aired 1962, 1977, 1982  and 2009.
  • Shopping Trip aired February 2009 – an old camera store in Ginza mails-out invitation of sales event in Shibuya to elder collectors, noting many of Showa era are dying-out, that their heirs might attend . an aged man in Fukushima suburbs, barely able to walk receives this and re-invigorates himself to attend – to find how Tokyo has developed .
  • Tokyo Sentimental – master baker of a traditional confectionery who toggles his camera where-ever he strolls, meets-up with women from his past – where both are over their prime . as the main character travels to meet his lost friends and love : it introduce local region, food and restaurants .
    – Special aired December 2014 on Television Tokyo,
    – and a full-fledged series began January 2016.


As you would imagine on Japanese television series about classic cameras – mostly in popular culture, although manufactured in Germany as it was before the time of Nikon and Canon : the ambiance is quiet and pace almost-unbearably slow, some bordering on old-age death . the only trophy is nostalgia : quite different from antique art, stautues or furniture, as these mechanical apparatus, the precursor to electronic mobile devices can merely be junk as their operating mechanism and outer metallic body have their inevitable life-span .

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