so most Koreans seem to believe The Avengers saved Earth and no need yet for another MIB, past-present-nor-future oops for prime-center seats still available on the eve of Official release into South Korea . but in another time further challenge as well as glory awaits ..


Men in Black 3 is showing in four versions at CGV Korea : iMAX 3D, 3D, Digital and Normal, with iMAX 3D at SangAm, YongSan and WangShibRi in the Capital of Seoul,
and ilSan and Suwon at metropolitan satellite cities

then inCheon, DaeJeon, GwangJu, DaeGu and SeoMyon in the Port City of Busan or Pusan .


more-over a low-calibre movie can be enhanced by giving yourself the excuse to watch in a posh surrounding such as CGV Starium with 11.1 channel surround-sound, or Gold Class with leather armchairs and dedicated lounge and bar .



and to go where NO tech blog has gone before – Korea Tech BLog, End of May 2012


( June 1st Update ) -mild- SPOILER ALERT !
no, no Hoola~ as in The Avengers nor Avatar, for it is comedy although Sci-Fi, but d-e-e-p meaning abound, counting-up to the ending, where this kinda drama makes-me cry lullaby

but I am glad for now since a while, I know who I wanna be in envy : like Griffin the Last of Arcadian who can foresee infinite future possibilities (almost) simultaniously 0o0