as local early-adopters (HoGu ‘g’ as in “game”, in Post-Millennium Korean) are involuntary beta-testers brand-new concept in Galaxy Fold 5G as well as current Z-Flip, one cannot stand-by just watching the TV-ad television advertisement of ultra mega unbelievable zoom capability, so I am game even though adding to a long~ list of preceding Galaxy S10 5G and Note 10 5G :

Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G Model SM-G988N in Black’n’Grey Retail W1,595,000

  • screen 6.9 inches diagonal
  • rear camera 108 + 48 + 12 Million + Depth, front 40 Million
  • 5000MAh battery, 8.8mm thick weight 222g.

Galaxy S20 Plus 5G Model SM-G986N in White, Sky and Grey W1,353,000

  • screen 6.7 inches diagonal
  • rear camera 64 + 12 + 12 Million + Depth, front 10 Million
  • 4500MAh battery, 7.8mm thick weight 188g.

Galaxy S20 Model Number SM-G980N in White, Sky and Grey W1,248,500

  • screen 6.2 inches diagonal
  • rear camera 64 + 12 + 12 Million, front 10 Million
  • 4000MAh battery, 7.9mm thick weight 163g.

Early reservation Valentines Day February 14 Friday for Official Release on March 6 Friday

ofcourse everytime a new phone is introduced, telecommunication branches offer discount wars to lure 3-year subscriptions, which would save you a lot if you intend to stay in South Korea for that long (resale value of Android SmartPhones perhaps less than 50% is uncomparable to iPhone which retains hefty 75% after a couple of years). there are On-Line competitions as well such that you won’t know which vendor to choose . SamSung Electronic’s Official Promotion Offer can be had here ≫On-Line

other than that : SamSung also offers similar discounts and accessories give-away for Un-Locked phones without subscription ≫here≪ where they will begin ship-out February 24 Monday. promotions include an array of benefits including :

  1. 10% OFF SamSung Credit Cards discounted at time of Billing
  2. 9000 pieces Limited Edition of Disney’s Mickey Mouse pouch set

2020-02-23_SamSung-Galaxy-S20-Plus-Ultra-early-reservation-3c 2020-02-23_SamSung-Galaxy-S20-Plus-Ultra-early-reservation-4c 2020-02-23_SamSung-Galaxy-S20-Plus-Ultra-early-reservation-5c 2020-02-23_SamSung-Galaxy-S20-Plus-Ultra-early-reservation-6c
to those who reserved early: SamSung began shipping out February 24 Monday via dedicated next-day courrier so received 25 Tuesday at the earliest, well in advance of Official Launch Date and being one :

  1. You awe in exclaimation “WoW!” at the zoom-in and out focal length at the new TV ads,
  2. and when you see the actual device at-hand: you sigh “No-Wonder..” at the much-extruding big block of camera section in the rear..

– Korea Tech BLog