Galaxy S20 Ultra 5G shipped from February 24 Monday to earlier reservists size-wise is:

  1. larger than iPhone 11 Pro,
  2. longer and slightly narrower than preceding Galaxy S10 5G

but you get a notion of cheating when first checking its exterior design as the extruding camera section, larger the two above is evident:

  1. extruding square camera block on iPhone 11 Pro is 1 mm with the whole thickness of the device is 9mm.
  2. while Galaxy S10 5G’s long-rectangular extrusion is negligible at less than 0.5mm with the rest of SamSung device at a thin 8mm.
  3. then this NEW Galaxy S10 Ultra 5G’s quite-big rectangular block is a whopping 2mm thick, which is considerable considering the rest of the device is 9mm thick.


– Korea Tech BLog