A Galaxy is no iPhone one rarely waits in-line to queue-up in front of any SamSung Electronics Plaza which doubles as show-room and support centres, whose branches are all-around the Southern Peninsula in major intersections, not-to-mention countless branches around the corner of every neighborhood . they are never readily available on release-date perhaps intentionally stamping-out minimum capacity to make it look hard-to-get . and no consumer except media-hype from SamSung kids (those raised on scholarships to do exactly this kind of promotion once graduating) even raised an eye-brow on news of curved nor folding screens .

but as weird rumours spread after last Christmas of an incurable virus spreading in Wuhan China and quite a number of locals worrying they would come on Chinese Lunar NEW Years as they do to shop, some early-adoptors were buying-up disposable face protection masks and sanitation liquids as well as gloves bracing for when it does actually hit . counting-up to release of S20 end-of-February SamSung Electronics’ own Official On-Line Store SamSung.com announced discounts as well as give-away accessories including notebook (laptop) cases to reserve (these were for unlocked subscription-FREE phones which are rarely discounted), while its Official release was delayed a Week into March all due to the spreading virus which effected all phases from manufacture to sales and then consumers .

and as the epidemic struck strong once to eventually tone-down now three Months there-after : people still aren’t buying thus unprecedented discounts now announced up to a freaking 95%-OFF Manufacturers Retail Price . ofcourse here you have to sign-up with a carrier in either SKT, KT or LGT as they share a bulk of profits from telecommunications usage .
*Color names are my own to express actual visual tone


Galaxy S10e, S10 & PLus released February  2019, Lite in March and 5G in April

5.8 inch screen S10e in either Sky, Lime and Black colors
6.1 inch screen S10 available in Sky, Aquamarine and Black
6.4 inch screen PLus available in Pearl Silver colors
6.7 inch screen Lite available in Navy only
6.7 inch screen 5G available in Sand, Silver and Black colors
Yes they are vainly trying to saturate the market with tons of models, in a juxta-position of 128, 256 and 512GB capacity duh

Galaxy Note 10 & PLus 5G introduced August 2019
6.3 inch screen Note 10 available in Mauve, Brick, Blue and Black
6.8 inch screen PLus in either White, Sky, Navy and Black colors
Lite in 128GB, 10 in 256GB and Plus in 256/512GB

Galaxy S20, Plus and Ultra all 5G just introduced March 2020 in the midst of Wuhan Corona Virus
6.2 inch screen S20 and 6.7 inch PLus available in Silver, Sky and Dark Grey
6.9 inch screen Ultra available in cool Dark Grey and Black colors
with choices of 128 or 256GB


. . . . . . . . . . . . . . Manufacturers Retail . . Discounted SALE Price

SamSung Galaxy S10 . .

. . Galaxy Note 10 . . . . . W1,250,000 . . W130,000

. . Galaxy Note 10 Plus . . W1,400,000 . . W160,000

SamSung Galaxy S20 . . W1,250,000 . . W 90,000

. . Galaxy S20 Plus . . . . W1,350,000 . . W140,000

. . Galaxy S20 Ultra . . . W1,600,000 . . W260,000


– Korea Tech BLog