No, it’s NOT the Forum Shops at Caesar’s Palace in Las Vegas, but

WangSimNi Station BitPlex Shopping and Theatre Complex introduction :

11.12.18 Korean iMAX screen size comparison, with introduction to the largest WangShibRi CGV iMAX Theatre,
CGV Special Seat price list
and Links to major movie sites in South Korea :



[ Diablo iii Release Event Location ]
Seoul Subway Station Central Line and Lines 2 & 5 WangSimNi Station Exit 5
Enter-6 Shopping Mall Open Plaza on the ground floor
( could be any of the large open space in front of the whole complex depending on mass hysteria : at the central main entrance in front of the wide stair-way or either of the circular open parks across from the Left and Right Wings )

Diablo iii Release Event May 14th Monday Schedule :

  • 5pm On-Stage Show
  • 8pm Release Event with production team and advertisement video models fan signing,
    and Sale including Limited Collector’s Edition
  • 11pm End of Pre-Sale and Official Release begins the next day throughout South Korea


Event High-Lights :

  1. one GeForce GTX 680 Graphics Card
    presented to one among first-100 buyers of Collector’s and normal editions -_0
  2. either Jinx Diablo iii T-Shirt or Steel Series Mouse Pad to the first 700 buyers of both editions “V”


to purchase, you have to have an ID stating age over-18

Blizzard Entertainment Diablo iii Limited Collector’s Edition contents :

be fore-warned : although a lucrative market sector, the Korean version helplessly lacks voice realism – Yes, Yes every time a new game comes out they swear it has now improved drastically but Dog-my-Cat, but you gotta give it to the popular Korean cosplay team 0o0



( D-Day-1 Evening Update ) amidst drizzling Spring rain, enthusiasts gathered in this old train station from the morning .. amounting to 2~3000 by the time sale started 8pm.

rightful for such a launching event, 3 graphic card makers emTek, Gigabyte and ColorFul had open stalls introducing their latest GeForce GTX 680 and 670 Series – but know they go well over W500,000 mark -_-


dismay-NOT if you’ve missed the fanfare, for from tomorrow until June 5th a true Devil’s truck designed specifically for Diablo iii 3 will be roaming around major campus and shopping complexes within metropolitan Seoul, equiped with 15 hard-core game machines among which, 2 PC’s will be viewed on LG Cinema 3D monitor 0o0


( May 28th Monday Update ) if you’re still yearning to get a hold of a copy, normal version ..
English version : better to buy at and have it forwarded to you, or
Korean version : the only place selling at W55,000 is reservation at HomePlus SuperMart On-Line Store e-Mall and NOT their regional on-line mart, to start shipping day after tomorrow 😉