as we were selling off our Original iPad and iPad 2 to dig-in for the NEW iPad 3, we had to endure the pain of how used 3G models sold at near-Wi-Fi prices . so more will be opting for the Wi-Fi model this time around than LTE whose speed is not to be had in South Korea due to different frequencies than North America -_-

and now Eggs, which convert cell phone carrier or telecommunication companies’ WiBro signals into Wi-Fi usable for your iPad in its third year has a handful of models : here to advise the best choice, although only one ultimatum -_-

again it is futile to do the numbers as we have found it is at the mercy of surroundings especially on moving platform such as in buses or subways . but know ONLY the slowest 3G will work still with random cut-offs inside running KTX bullet trains . Yes, they have their own paid-Wi-Fi service, free to First Class Passengers but NOT worth the effort -_-

the final verdict is that :

  1. “Original Egg” in KWI-B2200 is the most steady, while having the shortest battery life .
  2. then comes the “Strong Egg” in ModaCom KWD-B2600, quite stable and long battery life .
  3. the “Slim Egg” or “Egg 3” KWi-2400 has the best of both Worlds but differs among factory manufacture (dates) because some are stable while others are NOT, so is like picking a lottery 0o0
  4. while the two compact models in “Mini Egg” KFTech KM-MR100 and “Compact Egg” infoMark KWF-B2700 lacks battery life .

*all above except 1 the Original Egg KWI-B2200, are third-generation models either doubled battery life or shrunk in size, for the second were a flop failing to achieve neither -_-


so ideally 2 above : the Strong Egg KWD-B2600 is the winner for now
for you will find to need at least an afternoon’s battery life for any serious iPad use .

better to subscribe with KT for they have the most options in W10,000 a Month for an ample 10GB usage .
( rates change annually so far, so this effective May 2012 )



– Korea Tech BLog, May 2012 –
yearning for the Chicken who laid the Egg ..