just when you thought you had enough of the dull ambiguity becoming downright preposterous  in the continuing saga of the TV series LOST, now in its 5th year, it now shows you up-front the 3 things inquisitively built up so far – short of the ultimate question . the Statue, the Ship and Jacob .




Season 5 Episodes 16 and 17 aired in the States May 13, 2009 :
the Statue (whose left foot is only left in OUR time) whose form resembles Taweret (the Egyptian Goddess of Birth, ReBirth and the Northern Sky) standing on the beach greets the Ship ‘Black Rock’ and underneath which Jacob lives in a passtime of weaving .

slave ship Black Rock sailed out from Portsmouth England on March 22nd 1845 on a trading mission to the Kingdom of Siam . then lost at sea . its journal of its first mate was found among pirates in Madagascar 7 years later . it is sold by Tovard Hanso at a London auction where billionaire Charles Widmore snatches it .

decades later we find the ship Black Rock stranded inland in the danger-zone dubbed “Dark Area” where the mysterious Killer Smoke roams .

we also catch a glimpse of what is left of the tall statue out from the sea while on pursuit of the “Others”.

and now have traveled full circle in time AND geography to finally approach the left foot to .. meet Jacob in this episode .

interesting .. to see this soon after viewing the latest (but chronologically the earliest) ‘Star Trek’ – The Beginning in semi-IMAX version, another story of time-travel, AND Dan Brown’s sequel to ‘Da Vinci Code’ : ‘Angels & Demons’, a story based on erroneous faith .

. .

now this last scene on LOST reminds me of the final scene of the classic movie ‘Planet of the Apes’
where we seemingly traveled through space to land in a prehistoric Ape Planet
only to find in all reality the Ape Planet is indeed .. Earth, in the future .

or .. knowing the inpredictability of the TV series
could it be that this statue will come alive and chase us to our scary might ?!
like again in another older classic ‘Jason and the Argonauts’
when our heroes arriving on another island tried to steal its treasures under this statue of Talos

but then I should tell you that all this can only be settled
if the 2 downed helicopters from the 2001 movie ‘Black Hawk Down’ re-appear here
with all crew intact to save our survivors for ever .

I know, because I have already seen it happen !


– Korea Tech BLog, May 2009 –

( June 2010 Epilogue ) so after that audience-catching scene of the cast splattered around the beach, following their plane-crash comes to an end after a good six years of tickling viewers on their ethereal mystery .. so-many all cluttered on top of another // and the ending scene is of most of their Star Characters getting together in a Church – presumably on another parallel World, to move-on to the next stage together which should inevitably be death as we know it . so No, they weren’t all dead from the plane crash and hallucinated all-the-while, but this story sticks right next to it . shame on the story-writers and producers for another money-making scheme . and they had to bring-in the Biblical good-versus-evil dilemma mid-way, to make their over-complicated effort sort-of foggy to have a celesterial nuance aughhh