preposterous .
no, not if according to my tracking log : you are either :

  1. loggin on from SouthEast Asia in search of more info.on Korean HallRyu or K-Pop star and starlets with their ads on Korean touch-screen cell phones,
  2. an English teacher temporarily in South Korea looking for your nearest Apple Store – pretty hard for Macs have very little place in the land of self-assembled IBM-compatible PC’s,
  3. an expatriate in Seoul searching for what-is-where in the elusive YongSan Electronic Market,

incidently while matching search results with this site you realize I have a few other sites . the easiest was a daily blog of the area where foreigners of all nationality gather and have lived through the archives of Korean time . then a far-out search leads to an elusive blog tell-tale of the first “trendy” cyber-community in the Korean Penninsula . but as the recent culture of .Net surfin’ often is : you have no idea how you landed upon an art-dedicated blog, supposedly written in my warez-tech tone .. hmmm,


[ Angels & Demons – the movie ]

I suppose someone with a very simple daily life might be eager to go through such a complicated storyline . masked in the surroundings of real things in life it underlies a possibility this can be real but as story progress you realize the first buzz of the word “anti-matter” way~ in the start should have warned you that this is science fiction territory . especially if you’ve gotta solve relentless clues to save a hostaged cardinal EVERY HOUR from 8 pm then find the anti-matter before midnight when it will blow away Vatican City “in an immense light” .. hello ???

still if you gotta watch a movie from Dan Brown’s best-seller might as well do it in the crispest form of digital cinema to come Korea’s way, especially if you believe the term “early adopter” means being the first . major locations of MegaBox Theatres in Korea show for the first time 4k Digital format in ‘Angels & Demons’, the sequel to ‘Da Vinci Code’ released in 2006 . Tom Hanks as the authority in symbology goes chasing clues like in the first film where this time the bet is up against science and the church . great movie if you’ve been planning to visit all corners of Rome after retirement .


but thank God this has an end . amid frustration building from miscommunication with the local policemen due to simple language, barely comprehensible rational of words in between every other angel statues pointing to further clues speed up to the end amounting to ‘Black Hawk Down’ helicopter cuts where in the end I mistook the grand exploding scene as from the latest movie ‘Star Trek’ showing at the other theatre (where the storyline is centered around a star going “supernova”).

the most impressive scene ?
– recurring angles of the Swiss Guard armory, for they have been protecting the Vatican since 16th Century : you see swords, spikes, then a series of weapons developing into .. assault rifles !


[ Digital Cinema Technology ]

a common option since 2005 is where your 35mm film is captured and process at 2k resolution in 2048 x 1080 pixels which is considered Full HD, then projected in the same resolution at capable theatres . but the latest 4k version ups the ante to 4096 x 2160 pixels, or razor-sharp 4 times the current format where older 1280 x 1024 (1.3 mega-pixel) resolution is still being used as digital . in this case of MegaBox Theatres utilize Sony’s CineAlta SRX-R220 projectors for the first time in South Korea .. however only justifiable in the helicopter scene at the ending climax .


MegaBox Theatres differentiates normal and digital versions above in movie titles as :

  • ‘Angels & Demons’,
  • ‘Angels & Demons Digital’ and
  • ‘Angels & Demons 4k Digital’

where 4k versions are now showing at a dozen locations nation-wide including :
(regions and cities are listed from West to East clockwise)
SEOUL : MokDong, ShinCheon, COEX, DongDaeMoon (East Gate),
SUWON : SuWon, YoungTong,
 JeonJu, KwangJu, DaeGu (TaeGu), UlSan,
BUSAN (PUSAN): SeoMyon, HaeUnDae,

best deal is the weekday morning  premieres costing almost half W4000 than the most expensive weekend midnight showings of W8000 .
however the seat-selection process (at selected theatres) in reservations on-line is more smooth at MaxMovie .

most of MegaBox locations are smack in the middle of a popular young trendy district or on a young hip shopping building so you will have plenty to do before and after . if you happen to be visiting the Capital of Seoul for a few days may I suggest either COEX or DongDaeMoon (East Gate) ? if you are here on business the former for its modern complex integrating 2 Intercontinental Hotels AND OakWood Residence, Airport City Terminal, HyunDae Department Store, 2 business towers and COEX Exhibition Centers . and if you are younger to shop the latter for its 24-hour discount clothing district where every other building houses endless rows of knock-off wholesalers .



– Korea Tech BLog, May 2009 –