when trying to purchase electronics in South Korea since Three-Decades ago : you largely begin to decide between the two major Conglomerate Manufacturers SamSung versus LG (Lucky-GoldStar) and a tad-level below : DaeWoo . and as the most popular Korean Electronics-Guide in English on Planet Earth, here’s a known-and-proven Rule-of-Thumb which now-elderly locals follow :

  1. apparatus that you see and want sleek design-wise, like mp3 players and television : SamSung where as
  2. larger devices with moving parts such as CD/DVD-Players, Refrigerators and Air Conditioners : LG
  3. slightly cheaper version of 2 above : DaeWoo who also makes OEM for LG

the major difference between The BiG-Three above and all other local manufacturers and imports especially from China is that, the former has dedicated Show-Rooms in all parts of South Korea (at major intersections) which also double as Warranty Repair Centres . here again SamSung and LG Branches really look like automobile show-rooms while DaeWoo tend to be like a small local office, hence the price difference .

so you want a television for your mid-sized bed-room in South Korea, and 32 inch would be large-enough for crisp images but not too-large to over-whelm the room itself . here the problem is that latest (and fun) technology is put into 55, 65 and 75 inch flat-and-wide screens that are most popular depending upon your living-room size .

further-more 42 inch is the largest that have Android mobile OS-based SamSung Smart TV capability installed . LG and Chinese manufacturers also have this on smaller TV’s but is mostly internet-based thus limits your fun to install wider variation of Apps.

so when choosing a 32 inch TV in South Korea, you have to look for other things and here have chosen TWO which has its own characteristics and won’t break your wallet –  so NO SamSung nor LG (there is no point as SamSung and LG will cost well-over W200,000 while others can be had for just-over W100,000).

South Korea implements a Law to indicate all measurements in metric system, mostly effecting TV-screens and Real-Estate (land, home and apartment sizes) but model numbers still use parts of inches and Realtors in Pyeong .

IMG_0050AgenFB800x600inkel-SD326MKF-32inch-TV 20190928_133717AgenFB1200x568inkel-SD326MKF-TV-rear-panel IMG_0063AgenFB1200x800inkel-SD326MKF-TV-remote-control

  • inkel SD326MKF introduced January 2019 for W170,000
    – Full-HD screen with resolution of 1920 x 1080
    – dimensions : 735.8mm wide, 80 thick and 435 high (482 with legs which is uniquely narrower then most wide near each end of TV)
    Pros: as South Korea’s classic sound-system maker boasts 20W audio output power when others offer 10W and can return for a SINGLE Dead-Pixel
    Cons: don’t have any Smart Capability nor internet, so have to connect Cable Service
  • TLC 32S6500 introduced June 2019 for W210,000
    – HD screen with resolution of 1366 x 768
    – dimensions : 732mm wide, 76 thick and 434.1 high (475.4 with legs)
    Pros: available for delivery from CostCo with their One-Month Return Policy ! with full Android Apps.
    Cons: price near high-tech Conglomerates'(cheaper model 32D300 without Android W160,000)

IMG_E1094AgenFB800x450TCL-32S6500-32inch-TV IMG_E1085AgenFB1024x500TCL-32S6500-rear-panel 20200219_222653AgenFB1200x900TCL-32S6500-remote-control
※both model above has in common : BlueTooth to pair keyboard and USB HDMi VGA and digital audio inputs with LAN port on latter.

– Korea Tech BLog updated Post Chinese Lunar NEW Years 2020 as Wuhan Corona Virus begins to sweep the Peninsula..