to get into the minds of serial killers and find-out what makes ’em tick, to catch ’em before they get to the next potential victim . we are familiar with this since 1991 to jump-start the Hannibal Lecter trilogy . this series began airing on May 2006 to our continuing intrigue but gradually lost our attention as our interest waned in the course of an amazing 14 years . I’d say the first five years was the best and the next the interim years, when the network juggling cast characters as contract pay rose with each additional Season along with internal politics .

ofcourse we know lone profilers mostly are advisory job in nature, but to catch-on suspense audience on television : they packed-up a whole team complete with hand-guns . the initial cast was the Best . then it got complicated to the viewer as actors from other police series got plucked-in . then again even in this age of what-ever-goes they ran-out of outrageous stories to the extent that the suspects began aiming the very investigative members and their family, and that we know is beyond reality onto the realm of Summer gatherying story-telling .

and all to end in an alumni-gathering much like the Last Episode of LOST, whose predicament was that they were all-dead all this time – shame on the producers and creators, much like The X-Files which began with nothing only to crunch on the curiosity of the audience to end again back to scene-1.. with nothing . and the final climax exactly like that on another but much-exciting Trilogy in Die Hard ii 1990 as the gas-lit blames burn onto the plane lifting-off Gosh, who would have thought of that !
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