IMG_1203iPark240x121sa40MyrPlike there is no such Black Friday in the Orient : Christmas and NEW Years have much lesser meaning in terms of national holidays than LUNAR NEW Years and ThanksGiving throughout the Korean Peninsula .

it is confusing for the first-time visitor to figure-out which stores are open and some closed during the Week as well as holidays, but understandable when keep-in-mind the rule-of-thumb whether the store is department-store type, or small business/On-Line vendor – more confusing as some store-fronts are open when the building itself is closed .

but in general : closed dates going by larger buildings are :
( most geographical locations are listed in order from West and clock-wise to South )

  • JeonJa (Electronics) Land : first and third Tuesday of every Month,
  • NaJin SangGa (Market), JeonJa (Electronics) World, Seon-in SangGa (Market) and (former Bus) Terminal SangGa (Market): every first and third Sundays,
  • larger independent building malls are closed Sundays and national holidays including Christmas and NEW Years .

in short : rush-out to YongSan Electronics Market for simple sight-seeing or if you absolutely need something, as some (rag-tag list of random) stores may be open to increase business even on designated holidays .

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