it has been 70 years since South Korea was liberated from Japanese occupation rule, defining the end of World War ii Pacific Theatre with the surrender of Japanese imperial Army . and in commemoration the government has announced Friday August 14 2015 a Temporary National Holiday – making it a golden WeekEnd with the actual independence day August 15 falling on Saturday .

thus all government institutions including the Post Office and banks would be closed, but business large or small would be free to choose . as for the busy district serving as consumer and distribution mecca for technical products at YongSan Electronics Market : business will be as usual, except next-day courier shipping service may be delayed until Monday there-after .

this means consumer department store : JeonJa Land (Electronic Land) will be open throughout the WeekEnd (10am~7:30pm and until 8pm Saturday and Sunday) only to close on the first, third and fifth Tuesday, while other consumer and whole-sale mixed buildings like Seon-in and Na-Jin SangGa will only close on Sunday (but vendors will open out-door booths in front of the building).


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