Korean figure skating idol Kim, Yuna filled the (DMB) (TV) waves last month of June with her rythmic Haptic Mini tune – notably a young star earning ad figures matching her predecessor Jeon, JiHyun (although her recent tryout in Sony Entertainment’s blood-splashing movie with a story-line a pre-schooler would have yawned at is at most a dismay) in the realm of cell phone ads in South Korea . and just to show how short-spanned Korean attention in the modern era is, the spotlight have already moved onto the newer Haptic AMOLED .

and here’s a rather sad characteristic of the cutsey smallest Haptic of them all : even a full month after its release there aren’t many casings on sale . the best so far – and even this became available last week – is this leather flip-opening case available in burgundy and black .


very well crafted with soft inner layer to cushion and wrap around the sensitive corners – one thing I always look for in shell cases such as these is whether they cover the sides so that the device will have protection in case of fall – which this one has and the cheaper W5,000 ~ 10,000 models do NOT (although not available for this Haptic Mini). the color gives a riche feel to the already beautiful cell phone 😉


as always the one thing I dislike is the metal initials up-front which can scratch other portable device you carry together with -_- and the accent point of this case has to be the futuristic hunchback lump on the back side .

W36,000 at on-line discount malls . from SGP Korean maker of sticking soft plastic layer of “Incredible Shield”. and again, if this leather case does not fulfill your needs you are left only with the wrap-around transparent “Shield” the company offers at a hefty price over W20,000 !