following the line of BlackBerry-style keyboard in South Korea from SCH-M620 with an apt pet name “Ultra Messaging”, this SCH-M480 with a pet name “Ultra Messaging 2” was introduced early abroad as SGH-i780 with a pet name “Mirage”,    

full-fledged PDA-Phone with Korean keyboard, came in black and then now, in white .
working on Windows Mobile 6.1 Operating System,
typing in is easier than it looks, thanks to the keys’ rolled-out design like pebbles .

this Korean BlackBerry is a pride to carry around in tight casing and compact heavier than-it-looks device . joy to use with tiny rounded keys well-felt by fingers .

just 2 drawbacks : gotta save phone messages via a separate program than your usual Microsoft Sync
and the response is a tad slow as if heavy Windows Vista dragging some desktop systems down .

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