at the South-East tip of vast China, just before you cross-over to Taiwan where the royals fled to, and now built their own technical paradise : there is an (sort-of) island connected to its main-land by a narrow land, called Xiamen . those who think of communist revolutionaries heralding the small red note-book of Mao ZeDong’s quotations would be awed at the sight of this tropical paradise resembling America’s own Hawaii, and my favourite place in the whole-wide Orient .

and around the same time I first visited this Garden of Eden, a Chinese company started-up to manufacture iPhone copies then growing with Blitzkrieg war-fare, to topple mighty Apple and SamSung Electronics . but before that they are practicing by thrusting Sanyo out of its rechargeable battery business -_-

Yes as noted on this BLog too, Sanyo has been the fore-runner of the many, many external batteries for mp3 players, iPhones, smart-phones, iPads and what-ever tabs but as this Summer of 2014 began : Xiaomi began shipping their 5200mAh and 10400mAh-capacity external batteries . the former contains two AA-size batteries while the latter carries four thus quite large AND heavy . and with agressive marketing as Amazon might be their target-model : SK Conglomerates 11st On-Line Shopping Mall and on the latest fad in coupon discount apps, you can get the latter for as low as W16,000 with a mix of coupons and discounts – as long as you will be content with their silver color instead of gold or a hand of others, where the price would rise W30000 ~ 50000 . you also have the option to purchase one of their dedicated jelly case for W2600 😉
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