and you sometimes wonder if the World could be a better place . circa 2009.06.10 amidst North Korea counting down to shoot up neuclear warheads, renters given notice to vacate a building set for re-development accidently burnt themselves alive when Korean SWAT teams raided their lock-in demonstration site . soon-after a fresh new actress committing suicide in fear of a sex scandal followed by the ex-President committing suicide just before bribery implications, then workers locking themselves up inside SsangYong automobile plant on notice of mandatory lay-off .. the whole of the Korean Penninsula cannot be anywhere better than the last few minutes Air France Flight 447 had to endure across thunderstorms while all panels giving out errors in the darkness of the night above the Atlantic Ocean . if only we could grip in one hand all such catastrophies and navigate so clearly like the latest touch-screen LCD’s have to offer .. and hack’em to our needs in every which way we please ?


but oh-no you don’t, or rather can’t – in the case of SamSung Electronic’s AnyCall Cell Phone Brands . while their competitors of LG Electronics and Sky are more lenient . the SamSung have simply “locked” many tastey, other-wise necessary features which would have made our lives easier and much more fun . for starters : you cannot copy mp3 music into these devices but buy eash song AND album in one of their affiliate websites . furthermore Star Photos – a commodity much saught after in the age of instant idols – are downloadable through your cell phone only to be saved within that specific machine . NOT transferable into your computer NOR any other phone you might be transfering to later .


if SCH-W750 for SKT was for men holding firmly like an iron bar, the latest SPH-W7700 for KTF (equivalent of SPH-W7750 for LGT and SCH-W770 for SKT : please refer to my former post for model number differences on different carriers) is smaller and thinner more apt for ladies .


in the most simple comparison between SamSung Electronics (Manufacturer) AnyCall (Brand) SCH-W750 on Right and the new SPH-W7700/W7750/SCH-W700 they are over-all the same in width AND thickness, while the latter on Left is shorter almost 1 cm in length, thus feels a tad lighter in grip AND feel .


all the while another model is rolling off production line
to lure us deeper into the realm of pure greed


but I won’t be mentioning it on my BLog here, for
there is no turning back to the good ol’days of “sliding phones”
once you have gotten used to full-front panel touch-screens LCD’s 😉