[ INDEX ] introduced on this Post (dimensions are front x side x height)

  • Zalman Z11 Plus introduced January 2012 260 x 498 x 525mm W77,000
  • NCore Crazy introduced February 2011 184 x 472 x 485mm W33,000
  • 3R System R400 Expresso NK Sep.2011 190 x 465 x 462mm W37,000
  • HanJeong Tech Tron 2000 EX Sep.2011 182 x 450 x 490mm W38,000
  • *3R System L700 Eclipse April 2012 195 x 470 x 492mm W59,000
  • GMC H-100 Peung(Wind) iV Dec.2011 205 x 478 x 520mm W98,000
  • 3R System T100 Valkyrie Nov.2011 220 x 535 x 512mm W129,000
  • *HanJeong Tech ClayMore 30o EX White 209 x 512 x 497mm W68,000


because of over-whelming choices available, let us begin with what NOT to buy .. as the most scariest (over-design) in :

Zalman Z11 Plus introduced January 2012 W77,000
ATX standard with Micro-ATX compatible – middle tower – HD Audio 260 x 498 x 525mm – water cooling holes

then the most outrageous with over-kill fans :

NCore Crazy introduced February 2011 W33,000
ATX standard middle tower – HD Audio 184 x 472 x 485mm

the Year 2011 saw some mighty new iBM-compatible PC personal computer cases although not innovative for not much can be done about the usual peripherals to be contained .

and because it is comparatively simple to make – let aside the careful design necessary to kill vibration and sound – so many models to choose from . so for those wondering in the shopping maze, here some mighty effective and clear guide-lines for your purchase :

  • PRICE : yes full-aluminum cases surprisingly kill heat 5~10C but go well over W200,000 and some near W400,000 and although you can re-sell it for a good portion of that it is just not natural to go that against nature .
    so try to get as near to W30,000 mark as competition has made it possible for a few aspiring makers ..
  • COLOR : some whites have come and gone over the Millennium and would be nice to pair against Macs as even Korea has turned Apple country a decade after the Millennium riding on iPhone and iPad (but still MacBook Air has a hard time adjusting to sheer manual-minded locals) but BLACK is still the color for all major models .
    and if you still want color : add lighted fans 😉 which take up only a fraction of precious power .
  • FAN VENTS : and because most could and would not afford the expensive all-aluminum models mentioned above, all hard-core models come with ample vents and large 12″ fans – most too many so you better spare a few ..
  • HDD hard disk slots : if you’re a movie buff like me and extensive graphics contender, minimum of 6 HDD slots to start with heh heh AND several, with the ability to slide in AND out for more tucked-away,
  • a joyful addition in the iPhone age has allotted an iPhone pocket on the top of some models as well as external HDD rest ..
  • a good time to buy a computer mainframe case is 3 to 6 Months of introduction, for it takes a few Months for user reviews to spread and an enhanced new model comes out over a year ..
  • all models mentioned here are classified as Middle Towers now
    but actually would have been BIG Towers few years ago ..
  • all models introduced here are mighty popular ones where you won’t have trouble re-selling, and as-such, vibration or noise is more characteristic of each piece as opposed to model-wide ..


now I will go in the order of price (mentioned are lowest discount of larger on-Line stores)
because it really is the deciding factor for manufacturers to make such metallics for less :

3R System R400 Expresso NK introduced September 2011 W37,000
ATX standard middle tower with Micro-ATX compatibility – HD Audio 190 x 465 x 462mm (safe graphic card length 290mm)
with 2.5″ FDD or SDD bay and Hard Disk Noise Killer springs, above Right

HanJeong Tech Tron 2000 EX introduced September 2011 W38,000
ATX standard middle tower with Micro-ATX compatibility – HD Audio 182 x 450 x 490mm (safe graphic card length 300mm extendable to 330mm without FDD slot)

3R System L700 Eclipse introduced April 2012 W59,000
ATX standard middle tower with Micro-ATX compatibility – HD Audio 195 x 470 x 492mm (safe graphic card length 280mm extendable to 410mm without middle HDD slot)

GMC H-100 Peung(Wind) iV introduced December 2011 W98,000
ATX standard middle tower with Micro-ATX compatibility – HDD docking 205 x 478 x 520mm (graphic card length extendable to 436mm without middle HDD slot)

3R System T100 Valkyrie introduced November 2011 W129,000
ATX standard middle tower with Micro-ATX compatibility – HD Audio 220 x 535 x 512mm (safe graphic card length 300mm extendable to 430mm without middle HDD slot)



in the end, I should mention there are so many choices in computer cases . also NOT Global, because they are relatively cheap to manufacture locally OR OEM near-by . with much development in Slim Case with can handle even full-capacity ATX cases, it is up to your needs (although NOT taste, for most do NOT have the means to research designs as Apple) and here the selecting criteria is narrowed : in popular models with option to exchange several – more-or-less 6 in my case – 3.5″ hard disks . and at Year’s-end : the two with *asterisk are my selections //

price-wise W30,000 in enough for general use, with those /living/ with a computer perhaps W70,000, while anything even ALL-Aluminum, over W120,000 is purely for the hobbyist .

an Ode to my first humble PC case with mere FOUR 5″ slots, in soft beige 😉
costing a mere W20,000 0o0
– Korea Tech BLog, May 2012 –


( December 22nd Update ) adding a White for the iPhone and iPad age in South Korea :

HanJeong Tech ClayMore 30o EX White 209 x 512 x 497mm W68,000
HanJeong Tech CLAYMORE 300 EX White01 HanJeong Tech CLAYMORE 300 EX White02 HanJeong Tech CLAYMORE 300 EX White03 HanJeong Tech CLAYMORE 300 EX White04 HanJeong Tech CLAYMORE 300 EX White05  HanJeong Tech CLAYMORE 300 EX White11 HanJeong Tech CLAYMORE 300 EX White12 HanJeong Tech CLAYMORE 300 EX White13 HanJeong Tech CLAYMORE 300 EX White14 HanJeong Tech CLAYMORE 300 EX White15 HanJeong Tech CLAYMORE 300 EX White16 HanJeong Tech CLAYMORE 300 EX White17