CPUs come ready with great coolers, but if you are anywhere serious about hitting-up more power : spend a bit more on some impressive second-party with larger fans, using innovative systems . in this arena South Korea’s own start-up Zalman formed early 1999 has come to be THE cooler, initially starting with CPU but now expanding into power and case with always /cooling/ as their strong-point . they are located on the South-Western out-skirts of SEOUL, in Korea’s silicon valley Gasan Digital complex – accessible via Seoul Subway Line 1 from YongSan, where they have a product support center AND Line 7 from Banpo .
but they cost quite a bit, some to a point you begin to wonder if you are going spend this much for cooling .. perhaps wiser to buy a more expensive product one level-up . so another Korean start-up ThermoLab formed 2003 specializing in coolers only, with lower price keep the hearts of mild over-clockers . they are located in AnSan, another satellite city further South-West of the Capital, accessible via Seoul Subway Line 4 linking YongSan with Southern inCheon .

bada2010 (TL1-M) 2 bada2010 (TL1-M) 4 bada2010 (TL1-M) 1 bada2010 (TL1-M) 5
ThermoLab Bada2010 introduced February 2010 W28,500
using a 92mm fan on copper and aluminum with three 6mm heat-pipes
exterior dimension 115 x 135 x 95mm


ThermoLab-Trinity1 ThermoLab-Trinity4 ThermoLab-Trinity3 ThermoLab-Trinity5
ThermoLab Trinity introduced January 2011 W39,500
utilising a larger 130mm fan on copper and aluminum with four 6mm heat-pipes
exterior dimension 150 x 136 x 85mm

the cooling fans on this page are introduced in the progressive order of serious over-clocking, and you arrive at an innovative point where the cooling over-comes the whole computer main-frame .

literally NoFan rids of the whole fan system, making coolers and case of another dimension . they are also located in Gasan Digital complex .
NoFan cr-95c_img01_b NoFan cr-95c_img02_b NoFan cr-95c_img03_b

NoFan CR-95C black pearl no-noise cooler introduced April 2012 W90,000
and because it has to cool /without/ fans : witness its monstrous size AND its major culprit in that you probably have to attach you graphics card in the second slot below the first one :
NoFan cr-95c_img_05a NoFan CS-60_img_04c
all lowest prices at larger On-Line discount outlets over New Years 2013


( October 2015 Update ) it is the fantastic year of iPhone 6S, PLUS, iPad Pro and Apple Pencil, and using both of the above ThermoLab CPU cooling fans for almost three/six years when they were introduced : they still hold the first half-a-dozen most popular coolers on PC ranking . amazingly-so, for they lower processor temperature 10 degrees Celsius, and replacement fans can be ordered at their Official Korean On-Line Shopping mall .

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