hasty situation boggles your mind at the height of conventions and exhibitions when so much is at stake, then on the other side of the pendulum : ultimate metropolis centre-turned-ghost town over-night during Korean Lunar New Year holidays play a trick on your mind into ooziness . as much as I have been switching into a Nikon, Canon, Sony then Panasonic-person as newer digital cameras come in to play : I had recently changed most of my SanDisk memory cards to Transcend, mostly for the most bang-for-the-buck in terms of read and recording speed for the lowest price . but the common concensus that the latter was less-compatible due to its for-a-minute-flashy technology, has been on my mind ever since . and when both cards with relatively high capacity became suddenly unrecognizable by my Sky Digital‘s Super Reader USB 3.0, reviewed here last July : I thought it was time to change memory cards or this multi-card reader .

was planning to do this when business returned a few days after the long Lunar New Years holiday .. only to find or remember that this model had a tiny switch at the corner enabling and disabling its memory cards duh-uh . and they have since come out with a cool-white version :